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What are your thoughts about Kel’thuzad at the current meta?

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - What are your thoughts about Kel'thuzad at the current meta?

I've been trying to play with him, I'm not good at it but I think i'm not that bad, anyway, I think that almost every character has something that can take it down and it doesn't work too well anymore since they nerfed the chains (you can't chain someone to a building anymore).

I can see many of the next characters counter him by a lot of stuff

Stealthy ones:

Nova: Man, Nova can get him down at mid/late game with just a combo plus 1 or 2 basic attacks, her clones can totally screw your combo as they can tank the chains and the pool, not even a good peel can save you from getting dumped by her.

Zeratul: Almost same as nova, but it is not that bursty and has nothing to tank your combo, except that he can move too much.

Valeera: Oh my god, do I even have to say something about her?, Silences, Stuns, burst, stealth.
(If there are any other stealthy guys, well you know, most of the time you're not someone who can totally escape from a gank)

Mal'Ganis: This guy totally destroy Kel'thuzad, even if you can make the combo to get him on time, it can tear you apart easily, and has really good chasing potential, so even with really good peel it can tear you down with its claws.


Tyrael: With his good chasing potential could be hard.

The new guy, Imperius: Even if it has a lot of stuff to get to KTZ, I found it not that hard, still can destroy you with his chasing potential.

Most of the tanks: They have the potential to chase and kill easily KTZ. Believe me, they do.

ALMOST EVERY assasin in the game can totally tear down KTZ, too much mobility as falstad, ragnaros, valla, or bigger dmg like raynor who can easily avoid your chains or get peeled easily, the only ones I don't find that hard are burst mages like Chromie or Kael'thas

And well… I was wondering, Is KTZ even viable anymore? I know that is a fun character, but most of the time I really found it hard to win… And I'm starting to get frustrated, would like to know if you have some advices to play with him, or is it like chen? That you can't even play him to win anymore, I dunno… Maybe I just suck at it or something, but haven't seen a good one since the nerf

This is my first post, please be nice

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