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What do you feel HotS did right and wrong?

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - What do you feel HotS did right and wrong?

Regardless of if you think hots is dying or not, it's fairly safe to say it's not exactly growing spectacularly fast.

So let's put our armchair game designer and businessmen hats on and talk about what it could have done differently, or what it did best.

Please try not to get caught up in arguing over someone else's opinions/if the game is dying/whatever.

As for things hots did right?

Creative heroes While they've slowed down drastically in recent months/years, the thing that drew me to hots were some of the really out there heroes unlike anything in other genres. Abathur, The Lost Vikings, Murky, Cho'Gall, they all practically felt like playing different games, in a good way.

Quick Match I like how there's a way to get into games fast, but what's better is being able to do it as a character I want to play. Everyone hates "that guy" who locks in with no regard to team comp, but sometimes I just want to play TLV or something.

Yeah the balance isn't as good, but that's a price that has to be paid.

HotS 2.0 hero bundles What a fantastic idea; If you're going to sell heroes let people get a big pack of them right out of the gate so they don't feel like they're stuck with a few lame ones. Let people have heroes they can get familiar with and not be at the mercy of the rotation. Too bad they fu*ked it up by getting rid of them, though.

And the things it did wrong?


Skin releases. Johanna was popular when she came out and has continued to be one of the most popular warriors in the game. She's gotten two skins. That is pathetic for a game that's trying to make money off of skin sales.

HotS 2.0 monetization. Who the hell thought this was a good idea? Did they get greedy thinking people would buy lootboxes? It should have been obvious from the start that people should be able to buy the damned skins they want. How on EARTH did that ever get out of the planning phase? All skins should be available for gems at all times.

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Making limited time skins available only in bundles Seriously. I don't want to spend fifty dollars on skins I don't want. That's absurd. Stop artifically inflating bundles with recolours, and let me just spend money on the skin I want.

It's utterly insane how hard they've made it to support the game.

Reconnecting I'm not sure how much control blizzard had over this, but when the game came out the things people ridiculed it for the most in my memory were the reconnecting, lack of replays, and lack of ranked play.

bonus: things that aren't bad, but I think could have been better

Several maps There needed to be a basic tutorial rundown for each map when they as they came out. the loading screen tips don't cut it. Remember Hanamura's release?

XP changes Making forts so valueless was a really strange idea.

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