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What has happened?

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - What has happened?

I'm in Gold (was gold 1 start of season). Last season I had a ~54% win rate over 150 games or so. This season after 25 games, I'm at 33%. I really don't think I'm playing that much worse. I feel like I'm playing even better than I am this past season but the games are just a disaster, doing better with camps, doing better with laning etc.

An example, I was on sylv, I pinged camp at 1:10 for our GM to take camp. He ignores. At roughly 1:40 I go to take our easy camp and say to soak top while I get camp. I finish camp. GM dies in lane. Hes respawning and I ping him to help take the hard camp I just started. He tells me "u suck ass" "learn to solo camps". At this point, I think lili helped me finish the camp. At this point we are going to curse and before we even get to it, someone dies again have to give it up. At this point, people are just fighting while I'm struggling to soak lanes. Next curse someone else gets picked off and we give it. At this point I've already muted the GM. The enemy team is taking the their boss because they have already pushed down our fort and I'm trying to push the lanes off our keep. The team go and contest the boss they die. I watched the replay and the GM is just going off. the game basically ends when our zag hasn't come to a single objective is trying to do our boss with the enemy team at middle lane. I ping danger and he continues. I ping danger again and he continues. I go up as our team is 3v5ing enemy team in middle and I'm like, well I can't help middle, we are 3 levels down at this point so I just go help zag just shooting for the moon and hope we get it. Our healer comes up and they of course invade steal camp and its GG at that point.


I'm getting games like this _constantly_. Out of my last 7 games I've had 4 of them have had"gg" at the < 10 min mark. This has been since I have been keeping track. I'm not even counting the games that have someone thats level 500 account, but they have played a total of 28 games against humans…all 2.5k+ games they have played have been against AI.

I'm trying to look at my games and improve my own game but the games are just a complete shit show. I sent a couple of them for review and the comments were "not much to learn from these games". I don't mind losing in games, we can learn from it. But these games are just total shit show. I really don't feel I've regressed from a 54% win rate to 33% over a "decent" sample of games. This isn't just a one off but almost common occurrence.

None of this is measuring "skill" and feels like you are on a treadmill. Win a game, lose a game that we just lost, then lose 2 more games where you run into this type of mess. Just don't get it.

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