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What if quickmatch allowed players to choose between pre-picking or not pre-picking a hero?

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - What if quickmatch allowed players to choose between pre-picking or not pre-picking a hero?

So currently how QM works is you pre-pick a hero, or you select "random from favourites" and off you go into the game.

What if there was one additional "pick" you can select, which is "no pre-pick". What this means is, when a game is found, all players enter into a lobby. Then, all the players who selected "no pre-pick" (could be 1 of them or all of them or 5 of them or whatever) now get 30 seconds to choose their hero, first come first served on both teams. This is not taking turns, total time is 30 seconds for ALL players. Of course the "no pre-pick" players cannot pick the heroes already picked by the other players. And the other players who already locked their heroes can't change their heroes.

Pros of this approach:

  1. Players who actually want to pick their hero to suit the map and team comps can do so (select "no pre-pick")
  2. Players who don't care and just want to lock a hero without being flamed for it can do so (just select a hero like normal)
    1. No toxicity either. No one can flame you for already having picked a hero since you can't change it
  3. Extremely fast draft time, total of 30 seconds
  4. No more matchmaking complaints, if you want a good team comp, you have the power to pick a hero that completes your own team comp
  5. Allows a very basic amount of drafting in quickmatch, and drafting (and draft knowledge) is the core of a MOBA

Cons of this approach

  1. Game takes 30 seconds longer to start
  2. Players who want niche and counterable heroes like deathwing, if they pre-pick it, they might get countered by enemy players who get to pick after them
    1. But in my opinion this is a small problem. Firstly, the pool of heroes that are really HARD countered by another hero is not that huge. Secondly, if you want to play a niche hero, you can always select "no pre-pick", then pick that hero later so the enemies can't counter it.

I guess the greatest benefit is it gives players some very basic drafting. For instance if you want to play a hero that needs tank/healer support, you can select "no pre-pick" and only pick the hero if you see that your teammates have a tank and healer. You don't have to play the praying game where you pray your team has a tank and healer, you will know for sure (and if your team doesn't have, you pick another hero). Or if you play a hero that is useless on some maps but good on others, you don't have to play the praying game either you can select "no pre-pick" and then pick for the map.

Worth a try as a nexus anomaly? If everyone hates it it can always be reverted

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