Heroes of the Storm

What is it about this game that makes it irresistible to trolls?

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - What is it about this game that makes it irresistible to trolls?

Just played against somebody named "all reported" level 53 as soon they hit storm league nothing but losses, was valla on towers with around 120k siege dmg, and 5k hero dmg. first 10 min of the game she didnt have any dmg at all. like it couldnt be any less subtle

like why? so many questions regarding the motivation to do this. why waste your time and others like that? like why is this playerbase bombarded with so many trolls? its not even a popular game

I'll be honest. Ive been gaming since the 80s, and I never played a game with such a spiteful manic playerbase in game. If it's not a troll its somebody going off the handle and throwing at the drop of a hat. Like I just dont get why this game and emotional instability and spitefulness go hand in hand. Its fucking weird. Spitefulness towards your own team is rampant in this game to a level I have never seen matched before in any other game.

Would be a good game if it wasn't for these weird players. Like they are all the same carbon copies of each other too, they all act the same. its weird as well mang. I know somebody is going to tell me all mobas are toxic or something, but heroes is diff than most mobas to begin with , way more casual, like i just dont see what warrants all this strange negative behavior constantly in this game. Like I get added all the time by other players just because I'm sane and I play the game, like everybody who plays is desperately seeking a group thats rational. That's the high mark for this game.


It's not just negative behavior but its negative behavior for seemingly no reason at all. I've seen the weirdest brands of trolling ever in this game. A game we were stomping and our mage just suddenly says after nobody saying anything all game "you guys dont deserve to win" and sits in hearth while we are up. Like weird shit like that. I've never experienced such bizarre trolling in any game but heroes. The only word I can use to describe it is bizarre. I've had people get mad we WON but we didn't win the way they wanted to (like choosing to do boss at a weird time instead of just going straight to core) the behavior just baffles me. Am I just old and this is how the new generation acts? The game was NOTHING like this during preseason and scoreboard didnt count individual kills, I made it to top ranks and got the epic elemental wolf mount, game seemed solid. Somewhere around chogall something happened and weirder and weirder behavior started seeping in the game, and now, the normal games without a troll or strangely bizarre spiteful hateful antagonistic person are the anomalies. Like if I play against somebody and I notice their play is exceptionally bizarre, like that valla mention, I know if I queue next game they'll be on my team since the playerbase is so low, and mmr just wants to play tit for tat. So what I do is set up a whisper to them, don't say anything, I just set up the whisper so it shows their status on my chat box if they are in a new game or logged off. I NEVER had to do this with any other game except heroes, because if theres a potato doing weird shit like that, its just a waste of everybodys time, unless you are into that weird "getting over it" brand of difficulty where you will most likely not succeed but find it fun to try anyway

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