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HeroesoftheStorm 5 - What is so good about new Li Li

Hi there. So everyone is now talking about how Li Li got some huge buffs, but when I read the patch notes I didn't feel like she got that better. I obviously have to be underestimating or completely missing something, so I'd like to share my first impressions on the changes so someone can tell me what did I get wrong.

Please, do not take this as me claiming that this is how good or bad these changes really are. This is just my subjective opinion and I'd actually like someone to correct me on the things I'm wrong about.

Blinding Wind Additional functionality: Slows enemies hit by 15% for 1.5 seconds.
So this is obviously a pretty big buff. It would be huge if the old Wind Serpent still existed, but even without that it's still a really nice buff.

Serpent Sidekick New functionality: Cloud Serpent no longer costs Mana and while Fast Feet is active its cooldown refreshes an additional 75% faster.
Ok, this is the first thing that I think is actually a nerf. Afaik the 75% cooldown speed should stack additively with Fast Feet, so it is actually 1 – 1.5/2.25 = 33% CDR if you had Fast Feet active all the time. The old talent gave you so much extra duration that you could have 2 – 3 serpents at once, with the new talent it will be rather 1 – 2 serpents.

Wind Serpent New functionality: Cloud Serpent grants it bearer 10% increased Move Speed. Casting Blinding Wind increases this bonus to 20% for 3 seconds. Passive: Cloud Serpent attacks 25% faster.
The new Wind Serpent looks like a very cool talent. According to the wiki the serpent has actually 25% reduced attack timer, so it attacks 33% faster. This could somewhat make up for the Serpent Sidekick nerf. The 10% – 20% movement speed for 1 – 2 looks really nice and can be very impactful. But is it better than the old Wind Serpent? I don't know.

Let's Go! Healing amount increased from 140 to 160.
A small buff to the already best talent, nothing more to say here, I guess.


Lightning Serpent Moved from level 7. Bounce attack no longer requires Heroic targets.
I always used to skip Lightning Serpent in the serpent build just because how strong Let's Go is. Now it's on level 13 so I can pick it now. The other talents have been indirectly nerfed by the Wind Serpent change, so they seem a lot weaker despite their small changes. Overall I think that level 13 will not be as big power spike as before.

Blessings Of Yu'lon New functionality: Cloud Serpent grants its bearer 10% increased healing received and heals them for 0.5% of their maximum health each time it attacks.
The serpent targets get 10% increased healing recieved, but in my opinion it's enough to compensate for the fact that the 1% max hp heal has been cut in half. Now the serpents attack faster, but you'll not have as many of them. I think this talent is a bit weaker.

Shake It Off (Trait) New unctionality: Gain 35 Armor while Stunned, Silenced, or Rooted. Passive: Increase Fast Feet's cooldown refresh bonus to 75%.
Finally this talent. I don't think that extra 25% cooldown speed for Fast Feet and 35 armor while hard cc-ed is nearly as good as other lvl20 talents like Mistweaver or Jug upgrade, so I don't think this change may have a big impact. I can be wrong of course.

Overall I definitely do think that Li Li was buffed. The baseline E buff definitely looks more impactful than the serpent talent changes that I see as a slight nerf and there is also that nice little buff to her cleanse. However, I'm really curious about what did I miss or underestimate because everyone is talking about this patch being a really big buff to her. Maybe the movement speed on her serpent is huge and is much better than extra blind. Or maybe the serpent build is not her strongest and it's the buffs to her earlygame Fast Feet talents that make her so good, I don't know.

That's why I'm making this thread, I'd love to see other people's opinions that are a bit more specific than simply judging her overall strength.

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