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What is Tyrande’s purpose/niche/specialty?

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - What is Tyrande's purpose/niche/specialty?

Been a while since I played hots, and a lot of the heroes I was familiar with seem to have had pretty drastic reworks. Funny enough, I originally quit because my opponent reported my old in-game username after I played Owl-build tyrande and single handedly won the game back when owl stacks meant you could easily deal 50% of a teams total HP with an owl in tight spaces. So when I came back to find the owl build more or less removed, I wasn't TOO surprised.

What did surprise me was how Tyrande can no longer duel most heroes. She used to be the best early-midgame duelist with her autoattack damage, healing CD reduction and hunter's mark. But now she has 2 stacks of healing, so I figured maybe they wanted her to be more of a true healer than a support… But even if you take every single healing talent and prioritize targets for the "more healing to a second unique target," her healing output still isn't on the same level as true healing-centric healers, at the cost of a lot of her damage or team utility talents.

So tyrande's teamfight damage has been more or less removed, her dueling potential has been removed, and her healing is still sub-par for a combat-healer hybrid thought undoubtedly stronger than it used to be. So looking at her clear unique ability as a healer, she has a ranged AOE stun that can be used to engage, disengage, and secure kills. No other healers have a hard stun as a baseline ability, and only uther has a hard stun. But other healers do have similar setup potential or CC; Malfurion, BW, cain, Anduin, and Ana all have CC that don't come at the cost of a requirement, Auriel has her pin, and most other healers have some form of soft CC via blinds or slows, or can pick up CC via talents. So I suppose my point is: does a ranged AOE stun make a healer worth picking? Does it give Tyrande a role to play that wouldn't be better filled by other more aggressive or healing heavy healers?


The old Tyrande, even without her owl build, was still able to pump out great damage for a supporting character while also putting out decent healing if the Tyrande was mindful of the AA-CD reduction on her heal. This current Tyrande seems to struggle for damage while supplying less healing than a more heavy-healing support, but with the benefit of her AOE stun.

I feel like the devs originally had a vision of Tyrande that matched her character and race in WoW; a headstrong, fierce night warrior that could heal her allies while maintaining a focus on her prowess as a ranger. More bluntly, her identity as a savage warrior (WoW really toned down nelves ferocity until the most recent BFA developments) took priority over the supportive nature of being a priestess. The priestess' of Elune ARE warriors, so to speak. Now it feels like she's lost the identity and is more generic for it, leaning more heavily on healing and reducing her heals CD while tickling enemies to death while not necessarily excelling in either department. She just feels… bad to play compared to her past iterations.

Am I overlooking something? Does anybody share this sentiment? Or maybe she's in a stronger place now than before, and all the build's I've tried have just been super suboptimal, or I'm just performing poorly?

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