Heroes of the Storm

What needed to be done for the game to have been more successful

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - What needed to be done for the game to have been more successful

I know none of this will ever happen, and that the community that will stay will probably even fight these suggestions as everyone enjoys their inflated Ranks of Platinum/Diamond/Master 1000, however, that has done nothing but create ignorance, egos, and even massive harm for both the matchmaker and health of the game.

Rework the rank system

Full MMR reset has to happen, and should of after Rank 1.

Remove the point system and straight up use MMR to move players up and down.

Rank Division MMR
Grand Master 3500 ~ 4000
Master 3300 – 3499
Diamond 1 3000 – 3299
Diamond 2 2700 – 2999
Diamond 3 2500 – 2699
Diamond 4 2300 – 2599
Diamond 5 2100 – 2299
Platinum 1 1900 – 2099
Platinum 2 1700 – 1899
Platinum 3 1500 – 1699
  • Remove average team MMR system, Players can now be matched up against 1 Rank higher or lower than they are.
  • Try not queue the same players back to back to further allow natural climb and fall.
  • Rank Decay applies to every single rank, 28 days of not playing for Diamond – Bronze, 10 for Master/Grand Masters marks your account as inactive. Inactive accounts lose MMR every single day(1/14th of their rank MMR) from the day they are marked, each 7 days would be worth half a Rank.
  • Starting MMR will now be at Silver 2, no seeding from any game mode.
  • No placements, accounts start the season exactly where they left up to Diamond 3.
  • Rank rewards will be based on where you finished, not highest rank achieved.
  • Increase rank rewards, a small amount of gems will be a great motivator.
  • Allow us to ban 1 map.
  • Display player names again, target banning is a good thing, otherwise all the bans are more or less exactly the same.
  • 2 Seasons a year
  • Disable new heroes from Ranked play for 2 weeks.
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  • Keep the shard system, but also add a gem cost to everything in the shop.
  • Purchasable loot boxes will be Epic.
  • Reduce the cost of Heroes, make skins the main focus of income.
  • Vehicle, map skins, player concept skins.

Quick Match

Separate MMR system, match players by MMR brackets, not average team MMR, same low starting MMR point of Silver.


No one enjoys playing with randoms who are half their MMR and have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the Victory screen.

MVP Screen

Just simply make it a screen we vote for who we thought was best. 1 shard rewarded for each vote casted and received, give players a way to have some sort of positive interaction and compliment each other.

TLDR: A longer Rank grind is healthy for the game as it creates a better matchmaking system and encourages players to openly seek help from streamers/guides/forums and slowly build a community willing to help each other learn from our mistakes rather than an egotistic community who believes they have nothing to learn yet all of them complain about lack of game sense in their teammates, despite being no exception themselves.

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