Heroes of the Storm

What would you write in your own “Patch notes”?

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - What would you write in your own "Patch notes"?

Well as the title suggests I have thought about what I personally would want to change in the game right now and i came up with 1 or 2 things. While doing this I thought that many of my fellow Redditors would have great ideas as well. So I made this post to give you (and of course me) the ability to share your personal patch notes.

Please bear in mind that just plan funny changes are also welcome and balance should not always be thoroughly discussed.

Kaffio's Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes

1. Storm League

From now on queueing with different people will result in a different MMR and rank.

This means you will have to play 10 placement matches for every new combination of players you queue with. Also this will mean, that your rank from queuing solo will be entirely unaffected by playing with your friends.

Supplementary to this all EXP-boni you recieve from playing in groups will be doubled.

2. Heroes

  • Diablo


Level 16

Debilitating Flames

  • Moved to Level 20

Lord of Terror

  • Moved from Level 20

Level 20

Lord of Terror

  • Moved to Level 16

Debilitating Flames

  • Moved from level 16
  • Slow per Stack reduced to 3%
  • Maximum slow reduced to 30%
  • Damage Reduction reduced to 25%
Moving Debilitating Flames to level 20 will give the Player the opportunity to pick it alongside Domination or Overpowering Nightmare which will greatly boost its effectiveness. To counter this the Slow and Damage reduction will both be lowered. In addition to this Lord of Terror always seemed to lack in effectiveness in comparison to Hellgate– It will be moved to level 16 to give Auto Attack Diablo a bit more sustain to stay in combat.
  • Valeera


  • Base Health increased to 2108 from 2047


Sinister Strike

Hitting a Hero with Sinister Strike will teleport Valeera behind her Target


  • Removed Energy requirement
  • Damage has been lowered by 30%
Since Valeera's new main objective will be Energy management and sustained damage I removed the Energy cost of Eviscerate to combat frustration. However the damage has been reduced since you will be using it more frequently now.


Level 1

Combat Readiness

  • Removed

Level 4

Relentless Strikes

  • Changed functionality
  • Quest: Hit 20 Heroes with Sinister Strike
    Reward: Hitting a Hero with Sinister Strike will set its Cooldown to 1 Second
    Quest: Hit 40 Heroes with Sinister Strike
    Reward: Reduce the Energy cost of Sinister Strike by 10.


  • Bonus damage increased to 50%

Wound Poison

  • Removed

New Talent – Everlasting Flurry

  • Quest: Hit 20 Heroes with Blade Flurry
    Reward: Blade Flurry reduced enemy healing recieved by 50% for 2 second
    Quest: Hit 40 Heroes with Blade Flurry
    Reward: If Blade Flurry hits a Hero it will be recast for free after 1.5 seconds

Level 7

Fatal Finesse

  • Change Reward to additional 20 Damage upon Quest completion

Level 10

Cloak of Shadows

  • Added functionality: Valeera will regenerate 5 Energy each time she recieves Ability Damage while Cloak of Shadows is active

Level 13

Death from Above

  • Added functionality: The next cast of Eviscerate deals 100% increased Damage.

With these changes Valeera will have a wider toolkit, as she can now stick to her main target like a gumball with Sinister Strike and deal high sustained area damage with Blade Flurry. In addition to this her she can now go for an AA build and her ability to kill isolated targets with Assassinate (Level 16 Talent) is now supplemented by Death from Above as Eviscerate now deals 140% of the damage it did before.

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