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When should you follow a bad call?

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - When should you follow a bad call?

One of the most common notions on this subreddit is the idea that following a bad call as a team is better than doing the right thing alone. And instead of just arguing why this is wrong, I want to give some examples, which should hopefully show why following bad calls is almost always a bad idea. Players need to think about the chance of the call working and the chance of winning the game before and after the call is made and compare the two in order to understand if a call is the right one or not.

  • Scenario #1a: The enemy team has ults, you don't (10v9), your four teammates want to force a fight over objective. The chance of winning this fight 5v5 is <1%. The chance of winning this fight without you is ~0%. You have two choices, soak or fight. What do you choose? Think about the chances of winning before and after the call.

  • Scenario #1b: Similarly, your team wants to take a boss while the entire enemy team is close by, once again the chances of succeeding in taking boss and not wiping are <1%, the chances without you is ~0%. Do you help take boss?

  • Scenario #2: The enemy is taking and objective/boss that will certainly end the game (~100%), and your four teammates want to do something else eg: clear lanes or merc. Do you stay with the team or do you 1v5 to try and stop the enemy team?

  • Scenario #3: You have just wiped the entire enemy team for the first time and both cores are exposed, you have been losing the game up until this point, and if you don't end now you will almost certainly lose, do you push core alone, or help your four teammates take merc camps and let the enemy team respawn?

  • Scenario #4 (not as simple): Your team wants to make a greedy play and steal the enemy bruiser camp while both sides have 5 alive. The chances of succeeding are approximately 10%, if your team is successful the enemy team will simply clear the camp and your chances to win will marginally improve (probably not at all), if your team fails your chances of winning will plummet, do you go with the team? Note: don't take the enemy bruiser camp unless if you are really good at the game and know what you are doing, its not worth the risk 99% of the time and the reward is almost non-existent. Most of the time when going for the enemy team's bruiser camp it is done so to set up a gank, which is the exact opposite of stealing the camp. (I can explain this in great depth if people are curious)


These scenarios (#1-3) sound obvious when written out, but happen constantly in game where 4 players all agree its the best call. Instead of blindly following bad calls as a team, try and communicate with your teammates to make a different call. If your teammates ignore you and still do the bad call then they are clearly willing to throw the game at the drop of a hat, and at that point the loss is no longer on the person making the correct call and instead on the four stubborn teammates. If the team makes a bad call and you say nothing and do your own thing, then yes that is on you, but communication is key here. Yes, your teammates should know better, but if you are the only one of the 5 that knows the call is bad then you must let them know. If a bad call is made and executed, the chances of winning the game will certainly plummet. For example you could have a 40% chance of winning a game before a bad call is made, but afterwards that chance could realistically be close to 0%.

When making any major decision, you should ask yourself the following: "What are my chances to win this game right now, and what are the chances of winning the game AFTER making a major decision" if your chances are expected to improve, then make the call, and if not, then don't. If for example you expect you have a 1% chance to win the game, make any call that is expected to have a greater than 1% chance of working. The less likely you are to win, the more risks you should take. This doesn't mean you should be playing passive while ahead and reckless while behind, make educated decisions and don't blindly follow bad calls!!

TL:DR – Following bad calls will drastically lower your chances to win and subsequently your win rate, instead you should try to communicate with your team to avoid making the bad call altogether, if they do it anyway then the fault lies with them, not you. If you instead do something more valuable like soak, merc, or push, then at least your chances improve over suiciding as 5.

These examples just scratch the surface of decision making, macro, and shot calling, so if anyone is interested ill gladly go more in depth.

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