Heroes of the Storm

When you have, when they have. (rant)

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - When you have, when they have. (rant)

You know this game.
If you do something you need to be perfect.
If they do something it's "fine" to be bad and you shouldn't be flaming or calling out they should just stay behind the tank.

So.. today's list:

When allies pick a healer:
-Never heals, always charges in, goes to soak lanes when they shouldn't, try to take camps when enemies are around the corner, always infront of the tank.

When enemies pick a healer:
-Stays perfectly out of range, cleanses perfectly, does epic saves, misspositions alot but doesnt get punished for some reason, is easy to punish but no one does it.

When YOU pick a healer:
-Always healing, constantly near the tanks and DPS, forced to decide to stick close to tank or DPS cause they split again, tank always demanding you to heal and blaming you while you are on all cooldowns, all your perfect ults are ruined by the tank or DPS doing something stupid.


When an ally picks Cassia:
-Dies alot, does fend build but just dives, doesn't stay behind the tank, blames the healer for not healing them while the healer is stunned, stands STILL constantly to then fend into an enemy, always goes Valkyre but can't follow it up, runs into every CC.

When an enemy picks Cassia:
-Knows when to fend but punishable, does wrong talents but still gets their job done, will always use lightning ball and use it perfectly cause your allies keep runing towards eachother, never gets stunned cause your team rather stuns the tank for 10 seconds, doesn't do top damage at all.

When YOU pick Cassia:
-Constantly clicking, probaly have to do solo lane cause OOPS your ally picked medivh insted of a bruiser to lane control, You are probaly not sure on your skills but try, still win against all odds in your lane , but in the meantime the other lanes lose. You get CC'd constantly by click CC yet survive to tell the tale, you get told by allies you SUCK for not killing the enemy team from 100% hp.


—-Last one—-

When an ally picks Tank:
-Thinks tanking is diving into the enemy even if it's the enemy garrosh, Forgets to peel always, blames the healer for not healing them, blames the DPS for not dpsing when stuck in a CC chain, blames the bruiser for 'not doing anything', Never making any map calls or mercenary calls. Claims to be the best of his class. Always splits the team up for no reason like to soak. Will always ruin any combo of an ally cause OF COURSE HE CAN!

When an enemy picks tank:
-Doesnt matter what they do, they get away with it. Always gets focussed, covers his allies, doesn't back down from a fight, will most likely die during a fight to save his allies, will ALWAYS find that one open spot for a milisecond and exploit it to crumble your team. Will always be in every bush you check and stunning you.

When YOU pick a tank:
-No one stays behind you, Everyone demands you to dive and engage, When you save an ally they will say: "You idiot STOP FEEDING!", The healer will heal you but tell you to stop taking damage even though you held the enemy healer still for 5 seconds. No one will follow up your calls. People rather face check themselves then you. People rather follow the bruiser then you sitting in the bush ready to kill that face checking assassin but.. nope they ran off. Will always be bashed into obilivion about something trivial. When you finally have the enemy locked.. your team will either "spread them appart" "Runaway" or "use an ult to disengage." ruining your entire setup. And you will always tie in damage with 1 of your DPS's. Even though you aren't in a DPS build.

So yea… I had a fun night in ranked… how about you?

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