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When you play with people who are above you, play Supports! Or at least, do not snap-pick your favourite Hero!

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - When you play with people who are above you, play Supports! Or at least, do not snap-pick your favourite Hero!

Title Edit: Healers, not Supports

Hi guys,

X7C here. Zera main and low Master in HL and TL last season.

I placed Plat 1 this season and I don’t mind too much. It’s exciting having to prove myself again and I prefer it over some TL masters having successfully cheated the system.

Last night in my Promo match to Dia4 I played with a Junky and a Zagara who were clearly not on this level. A look into their profile told me that they were somewhere around gold last season, but at least the Junky wasn’t even there, he seemingly had no basic understanding of macrogame and gameplans at all (and then snap-picking a „specialist“, classic). Of course I refrained from being toxic and communicated constructively, it could be that he just had a particularly terrible moment that game. I myself had my huge hick-ups, they mentioned my 9 games winstreak on Zera prior during draft and I got very nervous, having high expectations on my shoulders. Also I got hugely confused by the specialists not even remotely being where they should be, the entire game.

Now, I don‘t want to blame them for being overranked. I mean, what should they do about it? Just stop playing ranked? But there‘s something we can do about this mess.

So, I hope that the following advice gets at least considered with an open mind. I follow this rule myself:

Scout the profiles of your teammates and if they’re clearly at a higher MMR, play Healers! Or at least, do not snap-pick your favourite hero!

The reasons for that are clear. People at a higher MMR play better. They play the micro and the macro better. They move better, they dodge better. They know their limits and their capabilities better. They execute more reliably, they‘ve understood the game more. They know better which risks to take, they have integrated their aggression more properly. They communicate better and value teamwork more. They are more used to their meta and have more tricks up their sleeves. And that‘s leaving aside things like map awareness and positioning

That doesn‘t mean you‘re generally incapable of keeping up with them, but you can put yourself in a position where you:

  • Don‘t have to initiate / lead the team

  • Bear less responsibility for anything but healing (your main job is to be where your heal is needed the most)

  • Can stay in a safe position and don‘t have to take unnecessary / high risks!


As I said, I follow this rule myself when I find myself playing at a higher MMR. When I find myself playing with High Masters and GMs, I don‘t even consider playing anything but my Healers and Zera. And even then I prioritize my Healers over Zera, not because I can play them better, not even close (because of the high skillcap of Zera), but for the reasons stated above. The enemies do unexpected shit sometimes and I‘m not ready for that. Playing Healers gives me the opportunity to follow along and get used to the meta first. It enables me to win more games than I lose, even at a higher MMR

Sometimes, when I just want to have a mellow experience even when playing ranked, I just play Healer, for exactly the same reasons, It can suck having less control over the game sometime, watching your teammates and being like „Ugh, I could play that better“, but that‘s the thing, when playing with and against people above you, consider that more likely than not, you can‘t!

At least don‘t snap-pick your favourite hero. Most of the time, it becomes very obvious very fast who the worst player in your team is. „Jesus christ, dude can‘t fucking dodge that hook ever, huh?“, „Why the fuck does that guy not engage?“. Similarly, a high level master and GM would have to say this about my Zera: „That dude gets jebaited alldaylong, huh?“

Think about what I wrote above, why would you snap-pick a leading role away from the most experienced? Why would you snap-pick a carrying (in the sense of high-risk / execution based) role away from the people who are supposed to be carrying you? At least, communicate. And If you cannot play any Healers, get decent with at least one or two of them. It will do your winrate good. You can always apply it when you’ve climbed up quickly and need time to adjust. And on the opposite side, go kill it when you find yourself at the highest spot of your team.

Those were my 2 cents. I wish everyone good luck in climbing the ladder

Edit: Typo

Edit 2: Changed „Supports“ to „Healers“

Edit 3: Self-explanatory that you shouldn‘t be playing something you‘re bad at, but if you cannot play any healer at all , you should consider learning to play some, and if you had been horribly misplaced at a higher rank, you should refrain from play ranked until you‘ve gotten decent with some supports, and I really mean that

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