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Whitemane Changes Opinion.

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Whitemane Changes Opinion.

Righteous Flame New functionality: Increase the damage of Searing Lash by 25%. If the second strike of Searing Lash hits an enemy Hero, the bonus damage is increased to 50% and grants Whitemane 25% increased Attack Speed for 4 seconds.

It's good to see this getting buffed and it makes the talent tier more competitive. I feel that attack speed isn't the right thing to give it, but the change absolutely does help, and further pushing aggression on Whitemane is a good thing to give.

Saintly Greatstaff Moved from Level 13 to Level 7.

This absolutely fixes the talent's issue with its tier, opening up new synergies and options. The talent still has some jankyness that needs to be worked on (able to trigger twice on a target with a perfectly timed AA, doubling its impact if used in a very specific way) but at level 7, it's a vastly more competitive tier, and also makes the new level 13 tier more competitive. All in all, excellent change.

Scarlet Wrath Moved from Level 7 to Level 13. Additional functionality: Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes reduce Zeal’s cooldown by 1 second.

At level 7, I'd have called this an over-buff. At level 13, I'd call this a fair pick. 10/10 change.

Radiance Additional functionality: If Zeal is cast while Whitemane has 3 stacks of Desperation, then instead of reducing Whitemane’s Armor it instead increases her Armor by 10.


Uhhhhhhh…. okay? I mean, it's interesting, and certainly allows Radiance Whitemane to get crazy aggressive, which is good, but honestly… this is making me scratch my head. Radiance's problem is that Subjugation was the default and because Subjugation was the default, taking talents to synergize with Subjugation is the problem. Zeal's active doesn't buff the other build that is being pushed (Auto attacks) very much, while Radiance is at its best in the AA build atm. So while it doesn't hurt at all, it's also a bit of a questionable talent to put it on because Radiance isn't a bad talent, it just suffers from being on the same tier as a talent that doubles the impact of her single most picked talent.

Overall, none of the changes here are bad. Two of them are extremely good and add significant diversity to her level 7 and 13 tiers and actually give an alternative to Subjugation (if that is an evenly matched alternative, we shall see, but it IS an alternative). The others are at least decent enough and help parts of her kit that need it.

The only real problem is that you're further pushing an auto attack build on a character with a 3 second held channel that doesn't let you auto attack. With all of her current AA buffs active, using Inquisition is actively bad without Fanatical Power (Zeal Active) activated, and with Scarlet Wrath, you can avoid dropping your Zeal stacks. While I understand the desire for an easier build on unquestionably the hardest healer in the game mechanically, I don't think applying AA buffs until it works is the way to go, since you do crowd out that channel and turn it from a 3s laser into a 0.1s manaless zeal stack application button.

None of the changes in this patch are bad. They all help her talent diversity and open up new options. But there's still some underlying clash of design between the reworked talents and her original kit that should be looked at.

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