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Whitemane Changes

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Whitemane Changes

I'll keep this one short, as much as possible.

This is a step in the right direction.

  • No mana on Clemency which means less mana tension.

  • Both Clemency and Inquisition remove a stack of Desperation.

  • Fanatical Power is baseline, weaker, but back in Whitemane's kit.

  • Saintly Greatstaff is interactive, rewards skill (one E can buff 2 AAs but you have to be quick; also, the 3 second duration is just enough for a quick AA after a full E/W combo) and personally, I find the tiny icons below a Hero's healthbar cute (which is irrelevant).

We're not there yet.

Three weeks was enough time to get an idea of Whitemane's new power level. She was underperforming, but not by much (44% winrate according to HeroesProfile)

She has received several buffs to boost this to a healthier number. A wild and undocumented guess would be somewhere around 48%.

However, there are still talents that haven't been addressed:

  • Indulgence is underperforming and sits at 38% currently.

  • Intercession has a 39% winrate even after it's been buffed (cleanse talents do tend to have lower winrates because of lower league players not using them to their fullest potential, so idk what to make of this)

  • Scarlet Aegis has been constantly dropping in both winrate and popularity since the 50% cooldown increase.

Besides talents, there are still some baseline quality-of-life issues that, in my opinion, should be addressed:

  • Clemency and Inquisition have different cooldowns. I don't see a reason for it and would like to see them unified.

  • Searing Lash feels clunky to use because it had its range decreased. This has always been the case, because of the short delay between cast time and it actually hitting the ground, the rework has only accentuated it. I believe a range of 9 is appropriate.

Where I stand:

As I said, I like these changes. I can start playing Whitemane again when appropriate and I congratulate the developers for listening to feedback and doing their best to find a middle ground between their hard work and the community's wishes.

I would love to see more changes going forwards, not only for her, but for recently reworked heroes like Tyrande, Lùcio and Raynor as well, whose reworks made them strong, but who still have some talents (>, >, > to name one for each) that are severely underperforming compared to the other choices on their respective tiers.

Thank you for listening to us. I'm looking forward to reading the opinions of fellow Whitemane players, especially u/AnemoneMeer, who in a way spearheaded this crusade for Whitemane and brought much-needed visibility to the issue.

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