Heroes of the Storm

Whitemane Rework Rework.

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Whitemane Rework Rework.

Base Stats.

1400 health. 70 attack damage. 1.0 Attack Speed. 5.5 Attack Range. 490 base mana.

Q. Desperate Plea. 140 healing and grants zeal. 30 mana + 60 mana per desperation stack. 0.5s cooldown

W. Inquisition. 60 damage per tick. Ticks 7 times over 3 seconds. 12 second cooldown.

E: Searing Lash. 90 damage. Revert range to pre-rework.

R1. Scarlet Aegis. 75s CD. Works as normal.

R2. Divine Reckoning. 75s CD. 50 damage per tick. 9 ticks over 4 seconds. Slows targets by 5% per tick.

  1. Clemency. Heal for 40 per tick. 7 ticks over 3 seconds. 12 second cooldown. Shares cooldown with Inquisition.


Level 1.

Pity the Frail. Allies below 25% HP are healed 25% more by Zeal. Damaging enemy heroes below 25% HP increase Zeal's healing by 25% and restores 10 mana.

Righteous Flame. Searing Lash damage increased by 25%. Double this bonus if the enemy is Slowed or Silenced. Triple it if they are Rooted or Stunned.

Inquisitor's Prayer. Quest. Landing Searing Lash increases Health and Mana by 2, and restores 10 mana. Double this on the second strike.

Level 4.

Unwavering Faith. Reduce the mana cost of Desperate Plea from Desperation by 10 and increase its healing by 20% per stack of Desperation.

Indulgence. Whitemane gains 5% damage for 5 seconds every time Inquisition hits its primary target.

Saintly Greatstaff. Hitting with Searing Lash causes your next AA against that enemy within 4 seconds to do 75 bonus damage. Stacks up to twice.

Level 7.

Zealous Spirit. Whitemane moves 5% faster per stack of Desperation. At 2 stacks, gain zeal. At 3 stacks, gain a shield.

Fanatical Power. Active. 30s Cooldown. Increase Whitemane's damage by 40% but reduce her armor by 25 for 5 seconds. Whitemane cannot benefit from Armor while Fanatical Power is active.

Scarlet Wrath. Auto Attacks and Inquisition increase Zeal's duration by 0.5 seconds.

Intercession. Active. 45s cooldown. Target Ally gains unstoppable for 1s and Zeal. Whitemane gains Desperation.


Level 13.

Self Righteous. Whitemane heals from Desperate Plea when casting it on an ally. This heal does not grant Zeal.

Subjugation. Inquisition reduces damage by 50%.

Harsh Discipline. if Searing Lash hits a target affected by Inquisition, root them for 1.5 seconds.

Level 16.

Radiance. Heal all allies affected by zeal upon reaching 3 desperation or gaining desperation while already at 3 desperation.

Shared Punishment. Inquisition and Clemency affects a second target for half damage/healing. Allies affected by Clemency gain 10 armor and enemies affected by Inquisition lose 10 armor.

Lashing out. Searing Lash does 25% more damage and hitting an enemy with the second strike sets its cooldown to 2s.

Level 20.

Scarlet Crusade. Scarlet Aegis grants unstoppable for 1 second and increases the speed of all characters affected by it by 10%.

Judgement day. Divine Reckoning's initial hit pulls targets to the center and damage is increased by 50%.

Guiding Light. Active. Global range. 30s cooldown. Target Ally gains Zeal and is healed by Desperate Plea. If target ally would gain Zeal again, incoming healing is instead boosted by 25% for 8 seconds.

Purge the wicked. Active. 40s cooldown. Deal 60 damage per tick. 5 ticks over 4 seconds. Reduce enemy armor by 25 for 4 seconds

Pushing Whitemane further into "do damage to heal" and into being more of a burst mage. Fanatical Power Clemency casting is dead. Clemency is nerfed. Fanatical Power is no longer required to get good numbers but is still strong enough to compete. Scarlet Crusade changed to put more emphasis on using it to break combos instead of for the heal. Divine Reckoning slow added in place of mana restore.

Most importantly, AA buffs are now paired with spell buffs, making it so that boosting Whitemane's AA's is part of boosting Whitemane's spell damage.

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