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Whitemane Rework Update Concept.

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Whitemane Rework Update Concept.

I should mention, this is not a rework to the rework, nor is it going to involve significant changes. She's surprisingly close to being viable atm, and while she's not there yet, it won't take much effort to get her there.

Base stats:

Inquisition and Clemency damage/healing increased from 47 to 52.

Inquisition Cooldown reduced from 14 to 12 to match Clemency.

Searing Lash damage increased 82 to 85.

Aegis is accurate to patch notes at 70s instead of 90s.

Minor damage increases to spells to improve WLR. WLR is still low, so there's room for upwards tuning. Aiming low to avoid disturbing things too much.

Zealous Spirit: Moved to level 4 and additional functionality. Whitemane now gains 4% spellpower per active Zeal.

Unwavering Faith for spells. Each zeal increases inquisition base damage by 2 and Searing Lash by 3.

Martyrdom: Heal per Zeal increased from +10% to +15%. Base healing boost reduced from +20% to +15%.

Power normalization. Less potent to Q every 4 seconds, more potent when burst healing. Given you take this talent for panic burst healing, improving that seems like a good idea.

New Level 7 Talent: High Inquisitor. Inquisition removes one stack of desperation every second and deals 52 damage when doing so and when channeled completely.

104, 52, 104, 52, 104, 52, 104. This is the base damage profile of channeling Inquisition for its full duration after fully stacking Desperation. In practice, it increases it from 7 ticks of damage to 11 ticks of damage on a full channel. Given it needs to compete with Cleanse and Scarlet Wrath, I feel this level of power is warranted. It might still be high, and if so, I wouldn't be opposed to it being lower, but I feel that a talent that interacts with desperation/zeal (like Scarlet Wrath and Intercession, as well as Zealous Spirit) and boosts Inquisition (to go with Scarlet Wrath boosting AA's) is important on this tier.


Saintly Greatstaff. Damage increased to 75. Can now stack twice on one target.

QoL mostly. Saintly Greatstaff has a 0.5s window where if you land an AA, you can get two procs of it on one target, but it also discourages using Inquisition and Searing Lash together, while other talents encourage the combo. Letting it stack twice removes the fiddly 0.5s window and makes the talent (which has an abysmal winrate atm) better.

Lashing Out and Harsh Discipline swapped. Lashing out now at 16. Harsh Discipline at 13.

Brings back double root, but removes the ability to apply root and Subjugation at the same time. Now you have to pick between damage reduction and mobility reduction. Moving Lashing Out to 16 allows it to combo with Saintly Greatstaff to make a high aggression E build that is all about marking targets then AAing them and using stray E hits to maintain and boost mark strength on targets. More interaction = better.

Overall, this should lead to better build diversity and playstyle diversity, with a choice between an AA heavy build, a spell heavy build, building around E, building around W, and building for utility being an option at every level. Additionally, there's a lot of crossover between builds, with the best damage build mixing a combination of E and W talents, the best sustain build mixing a different combination of E and W talents, and the best utility build mixing a combination of W and Utility talents, as well as building around individual abilities. Talent variety is good, and I feel this would give some more to her, while improving WLR and not increasing her difficulty.

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