Heroes of the Storm

Whitemane Talent Rework Suggestions.

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Whitemane Talent Rework Suggestions.

I figured, since I just hit level 100 on whitemane, have a pretty high rank in general, and a strong WLR on her, I'd give a go at this again.

Whitemane as it stands right now, is one of the lowest WLR characters in all of HotS. Her base kit is incredibly solid, if very difficult to play, and I think shooting for a 50% WLR would likely lead to a hanzo-esque situation where she's exceedingly good in top level play. Still, her abysmal WLR means there's a lot of room for changes.

Baseline Changes.

Clemency and High Inquisitor are now baseline. Full stop. If you think this will break her, everyone takes it all the time anyway and her WLR really is just that bad (Hotslogs puts her at 43%)

Inquisition/Clemency cooldown reduced to 10 seconds. Technically not actually changing their cooldowns, Clemency did this anyway. Just here for clarity's sake.

E damage increased from 82 to 90. Just a small buff to make E feel better to use when you don't get a major clumped hit.

1st level talents.

Clemency removed.

Righteous Flame reduced from +75% damage to +50% damage. This was able to be so high because it was on the same tier as clemency. Reducing it prevents that from getting dumb.

4th level talents.

All removed.

New Talent: High Inquisitor (keeping the name though). Inquisition/Clemency leash range increased by 100%. Teammates can no longer ruin your healing by walking away at a brisk pace. Enemies can no longer escape beam as easily.


New Talent: Smoldering Brand. Channeling Inquisitor for its full duration applies a Damage over Time effect for 12 damage (+4% per level) for 8 seconds and reveals the target. Damage dealt to the target by sources other than Whitemane refreshes the duration. Combination situational Anti-stealth, and a bit more reason to laser tanks. Extremely low damage is largely countered by passive health regen, but it's still healing for your allies, so the number has to be kept very low. Does less damage than vile gas.

New Talent: Purity of Cause. Clemency now heals Whitemane as well as her target. Takes the self-healing stress out of non-combat healing.

Level 7 talents.

Zealous Spirit: Now also reduces Q cost by 15. Might as well. Zealous Spirit is her worst level 7.

Level 13 talents.

Self-Righteous: Now grants the HP as a shield. Really not a big deal here, just helping the talent a bit since whitemane has self sustain for days in combat anyway and the new clemency talent at 4 helps with the out of combat sustain already.

Guiding Light: Speed boost increased from 20 to 25%. Mostly just making this compete a bit better with Harsh Discipline. Gotta go fast.

The intent of all of this is mostly to fix WM's weaker talents and more frustrating elements (STOP WALKING OUT OF CLEMENCY SO I CAN HEAL YOU) without changing her gameplay loop or skill curve. More options and interesting choices are good, but Whitemane has a very distinct and unique playstyle once you get good at her, and I'd hate to modify that.

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