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Whitemane’s Rework has not managed to hit it’s goals and she needs another pass. Here is why.

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Whitemane's Rework has not managed to hit it's goals and she needs another pass. Here is why.

At the time of writing, Whitemane sits at a very balanced winrate across all levels of play on heroesprofile, the goal she was reworked with however has not been met even after a few more balance changes that followed it and so maybe it is time to revisit her and make more sweeping changes.

The goals of her rework were:

  • Remove the infinite mana pool but retain mana management as part of her kit.
  • Increase her popularity, she was very niche due to her high difficulty.
  • Increase Talent diversity.
  • Retain the Inquisitor fantasy and the ability to punish people

Where we are now; One rework and several balance changes later:

  • She no longer has an infinite mana pool. Managing your Mana optimally is the main way to increase your performance as Whitemane what this means in reality is going back to base. Over and over and over. You are encouraged to enter teamfights with full mana as Whitemane has no cooldown on her healing, her mana directly translates into heal no matter how short the fight. She has no reliable way to sustain her mana however in poke situations so her gameplay revolves around basing all the time which is just not fun.

  • Her popularity: As of right now she is the 3rd least played Healer in the game. Her popularity has not increased, as with the new mana management I would argue her difficulty has gone up higher than before where managing mana was easy and dealing with desperation was less complex.

  • Talent Diversity: Before her rework she had two builds in her Q healing and her W (Inquisition). Her level 4 was dominated by the mana refund however as it was simply too good. Most tiers did have two viable options. Right now her talent tree is the exact opposite. She only has 1 dominant build across every talent tier. Except for her level 7 tier. Her level 20 has been largely unchanged even from before the rework. Ontop of that an auto attack build does not mesh well on a character with a channeled ability that is core to her gameplay loop.

  • Can the Inquisitor of the Crusade still punish people? Whitemane had her damage reduced across the board and the range reduced on her Searing Lash. Offensive power has been moved to chip auto attacks so instead of burning them with holy light she swings her staff at people. She is still able to output damage but in a much less satisfying way.

So what do you propose?

  • Do another pass at the High Inquisitor. She demands it.
  • Shift more power away from her auto attack. Make it less relevant in both power and talents so she can gain power on her abilities again.
  • Bring back the Healer/Mage Hybrid playstyle which was so beloved by Whitemains.
  • Rework and improve the gameplay loop of mana management. Maybe add a minor mana return to her Searing Lash?
  • Improve Scarlet Aegis to let it compete with Divine Reckoning. Same goes for her level 20 talents which have been very stale even since her release.


The rework has not been successful even after balance changes following it. Please give us another one and bring back the Inquisitor that punishes squishy Assassins, not the helpless Priestess that chips away at Frontliners with her auto attacks.

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