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Why Delete Sylvanas’s Q Stacks?

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Why Delete Sylvanas's Q Stacks?

TLDR: I can see why they made the changes they did to Sylvanas's kit, except for the Withering Fire change that auto fires all 5 arrows. This only just removes control from the player and eliminates skillful use of the abilities stacks.

I play a lot of Sylvanas. I have a blast playing her and I've gotten to level 180 with her.

I've been watching what is happening to her with the upcoming rework, and almost everything they've changed with her seems to have a reason behind it. Everything except the Withering Fire change.

Shadow Dagger change was to make it so it's not just fire and forget, allows the enemy to play around it. Mind Control change was to allow the enemy to dodge it and let Sylvanas herself capitalize on a good MC, not just her teammates. Trait change was to reduce her snowballing and not let her push unhindered until enemy players defended. The only thing I really have a problem with is the elimination of Q stacks. The only reason I can think they made that change was because 99% of people probably just mashed it anyway, which I hope isn't the reason.

No longer will I be able to stop the ability when Genji uses deflect, or Yrel bubbles. I won't be able to shoot just a couple at minions to finish cleaning up and keep some ready for a fight around the corner.

I'm disappointed in losing the Q stacks, I think it might be mainly because I almost always play Q build over anything else. Even if they want to keep all 5 stacks on the 8 second CD I'd be okay with that. Blizzard saying they're trying to increase skill cap and interaction while at the same time removing control of an ability just seems backwards to me.

Do any of you know the reason Sylvanas is losing the stacks on Withering Fire?

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