Heroes of the Storm

Why I lost (no. 1)

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Why I lost (no. 1)

So for every game i lose, i try to analyze why i lost. And what i could have done to turn it around.

I was thinking why not do it in a forum and see if i get other people’s opinions on how i can improve? I do not believe in hardstuck nonsense.

Nowadays, i usually play mei/muradin in storm league. I climbed from bronze to gold. Solo queue.

My team: muradin, greymane, liming, yrel, anduin

Enemy team: garrosh, uther, TLV, hanzo, chromie

Map: towers of doom

At the start, i knew that hanzo and chromie had better poke then mine. I also knew that muradin was better against garrosh because i might need to hug him to take the throw. Why be a ranged tank then? So i pick mura.

Why we lost: my team got out poked. We could not dive their chromie or hanzo.

Yrel and tlv.. were kind of double soaking.

Partially to blame: greymane and li ming.. they should have poked garrosh harder as garrosh had lesser healing than mura. We had better sustain healing as anduin vs uther. Hard to dive the enemy backliners when they had easy stuns. Instead, they didnt aim garrosh hard. Trying for attacks on the backline.

Next, greymane didnt let yrel double soak. He soaked mid sometimes, then when he rotated bot he gets ganked. I told him to let yrel double soak and stick with us bot but he didnt listen. I could not guard both anduin/ liming bot and greymane mid vs a roaming garrosh.


Bigger blame: me. Despite the above, i think this game was winnable. You see, i hugged gary when he wanted to throw. I did this. But i needed to do more if i wanted to climb. I saw that my team was being outpoked. Yet, I couldnt articulate it in game to aim garrosh. Only now i realized the problem.

Other mistakes of mine: i should have deviated from my normal build. I should not have taken the storm bolt quest at 1. I should have taken third wind to outheal their poke even more.

Even if we had less poke, our healing would have been way more. So net damage thru the poke trades could be won by ourside. From there, we can slowly crack garrosh as he dropped health and i stayed topped up. Once garrosh fell, My team would have an easy time.

Fighting 15v16. I went there because i felt that the team wasnt listening to my pings so far. So i thought they werent going to retreat.

Letting hanzo cap the tower when we were 7 hp making us drop to 3. I was thinking since team low health, i might need to tank fort. But no one else stopped hanzo from free cap. Guess it should have been my duty to stop the channel.

My mistakes: not taking third wind into heavy poke team. Not telling team to play poke wars into a team they cannot dive, fighting 15v16 (see reason), losing a free cap.

Feedback welcome.

Since many asked for the replay:


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