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Why is it that some people keep playing MOBAs even if they don’t seem to enjoy them?

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Why is it that some people keep playing MOBAs even if they don't seem to enjoy them?

A bit of a ramble but it has been an issue I've been thinking about for quite some time.

Some background for where I'm coming from. I started with LoL in 2014/2015 with some Navy buddies and became hooked after about 10 games. I liked MOBAs for the same reason I liked fighting games; their unique rosters and varied playstyles/strategies. I eventually got so into MOBAs that I tried all the available MOBAs on the market to see what each had to offer and I love most of them. I'm one of those people that plays MOBAs "for fun" since I don't play ranked but I always play in service to the win.

I have played well over 1000 hours in LoL and DotA2. I have over 500 hours in Smite, Heroes of the Storm, Paragon (RIP), and Heroes of Newerth (which is still playable to this day). Out of all the games I've played I've only ever tried ranked once and I immediately decided it was not for me. Personal opinion, I think LoL has the most to offer as a whole (lore, music, art, etc.) while I think DotA2 is the best in gameplay/balance. Obvious shoutout to HotS and Smite for being more unique alternatives than the more traditional DotA based MOBAs.

Maybe its just the loud minority but it seems like so many of the people who talk about playing MOBAs seem to not enjoy it unless they're flawlessly winning. By that I mean that they are well ahead and everything is going smoothly or else they should just forfeit at the nearest chance. I'm all about surrendering a closed game but not at the 3 minute mark lol. That means that a good chunk of the time people simply aren't enjoying themselves. If people are so miserable when playing why keep going? I get sunk cost but that can't be the only reason right?


I get that losing because of BS like an AFK or "feeder" is frustrating but it's the nature of online team games. You'll never be able to rule it out so you accept that risk when you queue up. As far as toxicity goes though if its towards you there is the ability to mute or tuning them out. If it is your own toxicity then maybe you might just need a break or self-reflect on the situation… I dunno. I'm probably biased because I have an extremely high tolerance for BS/flame (I play HoN with 35 minute queues just to have an AFK and 3 Thai speakers yelling before the game even starts) and not much angers me. I get why people quit the genre, I'm just more confused by those that stay with this kind of negative attitude

I just never understood the idea of playing a game that doesn't somehow enrich your life. I'm in my 30s with a full time job so my free time is precious. I play non-ranked so if I lose I'm not dragging anyone's rankings down (only time is lost). If I get bored I'll play a non-meta pick/build but I always play to win. If I'm all done with a MOBA for the time/event I'll rotate to another one. The relearning period and seeing all the changes makes that game feel new again and it refreshes my burnout from the previous MOBA.

This is more of a personal rant that I wanted to get out on a public forum and get some people's thoughts on the subject. If you have any opinons of the subject I would love to hear them. Why do you enjoy/dislike the act of playing MOBAs? What keeps you going?

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