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Why is trolling still tolerated?

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Why is trolling still tolerated?

Hey guys, so a bit of a rant here.

I got banned for a week a couple of days ago, and I accept it. Whenever I get trolls in more than 3 games in a row I am so frustrated that I turn to verbal abuse and I accept that I deserve the punishment for doing so.

You may have probably noticed here that a week ban doesn't come just like that, this is my second or third ban, and I know there will be more until it's permanent because I feel personally insulted when I invest my time, concentration and try to make the best out of it for everyone and than some rando decides to just not do anything because then he can brag to his friends how he pissed a few people off or something. After this ban is over, I will do my best by disabling chat ingame, but I honestly feel very skeptical about it helping me because chat doesn't trigger me, it only helps to escalate things when they're already bad.

Here's the interesting part, I haven't been *really* salty lately, so I went to appeal to find out what I said and it instantly made me remember of the two games that were the cause (I was salty after all if you're interested in that part). I won't go into details, but first time, I've had a Stitches say "GG" at minute two while I was playing Varian. It wasn't level 4 yet, and I was on offlane trying to get 4 so I can not be absolutely useless, while he decided to charge 1v4 on mid. In fact, considering I had stitches, I didn't plan on going taunt at all so my motivation was exp first. Then, he proceeds to insult me for the rest of the game, pinging me whenever he can and then I snap and start talking shit.

Similarly, the other match was Infernal Shrines, team decided to commit and we were at 39/40 when most of us died while enemy team was around 20/40 I think. For 10 seconds Deathwing stood in the bush above that obj, brawling one or two guys who attacked him after we died. He could have done multiple things, lava pool, fire breath (full power bar), any other spell, or just straight walk into it and hit one creep to get the obj. Hell, he could have even maybe ditched the fight and saved what could be left to save, at least the side lanes not being pushed by punisher and enemy team.
After red team took the obj, DW and his friends decided to flame abathur in my team for not attacking creeps. Aba ultied our garrosh (who died literally at the start of the fight) and tossed and blocked enemies out so we can finish the obj, just for clarity's sake.


So, I decided to appeal, not requesting my ban to be shortened or removed (I did state it was unfair but that's just an opinion), but asking why is it that trolling and griefing is considered "a playstyle" but then people who get provoked by this behavior get punished.

Of course, I get a generic reply back, clearly posted by someone who didn't read more than the first sentence of my appeal, "something something maintain a fun and safe game environment for all our players."

How is it a fun environment if I have to pluck my hair out every now and then playing with these same players? Why do these people get to do whatever they want, then when someone snaps as it often happens, THEY are the one to get punished?

Why do people on reddit get to make social experiments and troll game after game without consequences, basically competing who gets more matches to destroy, but when someone is rightfully mad because they get griefed they're being sent on a cooling period?

Again, I don't complain about this ban, in a way because I definitely agree I should be banned after seeing what I wrote, but also, every time I got banned it affected me positively in life because stress is all I'm getting from hots, not counting 1 in 20 games that I like to think I play hots for. There is no fun and safe environment for me there, so I can't bring myself to understand that generic sentence.

I just wish people handling the tickets had more understanding, more will to check what the problem is actually about and actually typed their answers instead of having them pasted in a notepad file ready to be copied to an appeal, depending of a complaint type.

Rant over I guess, cheers and glhf!

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