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Why players always shift the blame even though it’s clearly their fault?

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Why players always shift the blame even though it’s clearly their fault?

Ok so this is gonna be a little bit of a rant TLDR at the bottom.

Me and my friends usually 5 man QM because I just got some of my friends into the game and it’s been fun.

So one of my friends is coming from other MOBA games he’s pretty good and he understood the mechanics of the game pretty fast, he likes Ranking so he convinced me to go into ranked. I’ve played the game since beta and played ranked a little bit and I hated how you have to always fill in and can’t do what you want because everyone first picks and blinding picks without showing anything.

So anyway sometimes not all of my friends are here so we rank only 3 players. We control the comps pretty well and we play around whatever the other 2 randoms choose.

But then comes my problem. I play a pretty strong Mei. I have her setting on 66% win rate and KDA of 7.8 and whenever we are playing I set up a lot of kills boss steals and teamwipes and I rarely die that I almost always get mvp. So I consider myself a pretty good Mei player.

Then comes that match that I played on tomb of the spider queen. Me and my friends highlighter our picks and since we are first picking I highlighted Mei and I wanted to first pick because from my experience she is kinda contested if she is not banned. One player insta picked xul. The other random chose fenix and my friends filled one took dps and the other took healer.

Xul kept dying to the enemy solo lamer even though we were tanking his lane very often we were winning the early game. But xul kept dying. So he said he will rotate mid and top and leave bottom for us. We agreed and left him. By the time we were contesting the obj cuz we wanted to pay and enemy wanted to pay I check xul gems he had 13 I had 44. He was double soaking the entire time and he has less gems than me ? How ?

We were forced out and had to defend Fenix started saying we lost. We defended pretty well and lost only I fort but then the enemy kept pushing I was with my friends defending against 2 of the enemies because they wanted to break keep walls of the top keep. Xul dies bottom to a gank that was easily seen from the map because some of them were middle and he had the last enemy player with him on bot lane.


Fenix teleports in your “save” dead xul only to die cuz logic. So they both start blaming me and calling for no tank.

I told them that they should have seen the map and that it was a gank what could I do if I’m top and you guys are bot ?

Then both of them kept dying 1v5 especially fenix we are running away from the enemy team because they have advantage and they engaged on us in a bad spot. Fenix come from behind the enemy team and teleports in on them alone 1v5 again. I try to help him with snow ball ult I hit their dps but I missed their tank and their tank finishes him off.

He starts blaming me again. I kept telling him that he is going in always outnumbered and using his escape to engage on the whole enemy team and told him to watch the replays But he was sure that it was my fault

He died 8+ times both him and xul And their dmg was as much as me Fenix has one kill only and xul zero

The match ended and we lost obviously And I got bulwark or what’s it called ( 55% of team fight dmg soaked)

I don’t know why ppl keep doing that whenever. They always try to blame other players for their so obvious mistakes. Always blaming healer of always blaming tank or always blaming somewhat average dmg solo laner ( he’s solo laning obv his dmg will be less than others ) I got so tilted when the game finished and it showed that I soaked a lot of dmg keep I mind that I only died 3 times while both fenix and xul died 8 times or more and I had same dmg numbers as them.

TLDR: I play what I consider a better than average Mei sitting on 66% win rate and 7.8 KDA I almost always never die and participate in most of the team kills and do my job pretty well. I got flamed on by 2 players who kept suiciding 1v5 saying that we have no tank. Why do players always shift the blame when it’s so obvious it’s their fault?

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