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Why Team League’s solo ranking is irrelevant, and why solo HL mattered and should have stayed.

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Why Team League's solo ranking is irrelevant, and why solo HL mattered and should have stayed.

I have been playing HOTS for 4 years now. I have played a lot of Hero League games during that time, but only last week i began playing TL, since i wanted the seasonal mount and HL is dead these days.

What frustrates me is that i consistently witness people that clearly do not belong in their rank. I am not posting this to brag about my personal rank, or complain about MMR Hell, these things have been done in the past ad nauseum. But the games are clearly unfun when you see a rank assigned to a player and you expect him to not make total n00bish mistakes, yet he does makes them again and again.

It is ok if some players are misplaced, no matchmaker is perfect and eventually, in 1 or 2 years, they will fall into their proper place. But it is not ok when you join ranked games and in EVERY SINGLE ONE there are 1 or 2 or even 3 players that should have been playing VS AI instead.

Players get carried by their friends. A player may be good in coordinating with his friends, synergizing with their picks and following their instructions, and gets carried at a good MMR, only to then queue as a solo player and play like any other silver would. Problem is, when that guy is Diamond or Master, he ruins the game for the team he joins in. And don't let me start on professional boosters who carry bronze accounts to diamond or master…

The thing is, by essentially making Team League the only ranked option for solo players, you are distorting the ranked system. Eventually at the higher divisions, only people who join premades will fill in the ranks. Solo-only players will have to max their ranks at platinum or diamond at the very best. It will be 2015 Hero League all over again.

You can't assign a personalilized rank to players that does not reflect their individual worth as players. In real team sports, you don't have personal player championships. You can compare players' individual stats, but the teams win the championships and are assigned places and prizes, not the individual players. But in HOTS, we don't have fixed teams, yet we have personalized rankings that are all over the place.


Solo HL mitigated this issue a lot. Sure, HOTS was still a 5vs5 game, but when every single player was solo-only, his ranking was greatly influenced only by his own actions. He may have gotten unlucky games due to matchmaker a few times, but eventually, given time, he would always reach his true rank, since everyone played solo…

But now, there will always exist people who are bad players but their MMR gets inflated by their friends. So the matchmaking will be all over the place for solo players, and solo players, lacking the advantage of premades, will have a higher chance of getting misplaced players into their own teams…

I don't understand why ruin solo HL. Even now, in TL, most people queue as solos. Parties cried a lot that they couldnt play ranked together, yet even now, they do not. Most people want to solo. So you ruined the only viable competitive mode the game had, for the 10% of the playerbase who complained? I really don't understand. I have seen a lot of silver or gold HL players getting diamond and master in TL. Are you serious?

If you wanted a teamwork-oriented ranked mode, if "HOTS is a team game", then why not create a proper team league with fixed teams, clans, and tournaments? Why ruin the solo ranked mode?

I am sorry Blizzard devs, but you are clearly out of touch and do not understand your own game. You think solo HL harmed HOTS? It was one of the few good changes you did in 4 years…

Your game didn't succeed for OTHER reasons, solo HL was NOT one of them…

I don't think i will ever take rankings in this game seriously.

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