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WildHeart vs Oxygen: Preview

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - WildHeart vs Oxygen: Preview

Oxygen and WildHeart haven't played since week 1 (edit: week 3) – and since then, WildHeart has matured not just in how good they are, but in the development of their team identity and attitude. It certainly took a little while, as with any new organization, for their quality to show. And it looks like WildHeart is peaking at just the right time. WildHeart looked stronger each passing week of the regular season, and the closer the whole internal community grew, mirroring the starting lineup.

As always, Wildheart will have something planned – but don't be surprised if they try to overcome their opponent with nothing but what's already known about them. If the match is particularly one-sided, some strange and unexpected picks can come out. WildHeart is always a side to watch out for.

If the series is close though, as most expect it to be, WildHeart will look to methodically pick apart Oxygen's preparation. Their unexpected picks and synergies can come out of nowhere – and you should never count on WildHeart running out of strats and comps. We know that WildHeart's late-game decision-making is better than good, and their ability to sense and respond to pressure has been excellent.

WildHeart is tied with 30K as the team with the most 3-0 wins in the regular season (3), and their single loss to Oxygen came off a 3-1, so if WildHeart doesn't come out on top, expect a long fight. WildHeart is not a team that will go out any other way than kicking and screaming.


I anticipate a 3-1 in WildHeart's favor. Weeks of watching film, scrimming, and resting up should benefit the cerebral style of WildHeart's pregame, as well as their chaotic, explosive, but ever-powerful playstyle. Oxygen has looked good throughout the season, but it's seemed like the team hasn't seen a lot of improvement late in the season, with their win-streak only as long as two games, coming off the back of a pre-prime Simplicity (who we now know has improved greatly since their regular season performance) and a 30K roster who lost decisively to Simplicity in the postseason.

I look forward to a surprise from Oxygen. I think it's been a while since they've shown me something new – and I may eat my words – but their playstyle may have fallen in with the rest of the pack toward the end of the season, becoming stale. With that being said, BananaH and Prismaticism (and the rest of the roster) are never going to let a game like this through their fingers without fighting for it. One way or another, I don't think this will be a stomp. This late in the postseason, nothing is free.

Be sure to tune in this Saturday the 16th of January at 3 PM at twitch.tv/HeroesHearth to catch this match, as well as Simplicity vs Crowd Control.

Disclaimer: This is written by someone involved with WildHeart. I write about them a little more, because I know more about them.

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