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Will blizzard ever consider pushing for unranked draft as the standard mode for smaller regions?

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Will blizzard ever consider pushing for unranked draft as the standard mode for smaller regions?

All the smaller regions combined still comprise significant portion of the hots playerbase. However, smaller regions typically only have only 1 playable PvP mode (there's a snowball effect with queue times, shorter queues make more people join that mode, longer queues push some people off, making queues even longer, putting more people off and it snowballs to infinite queues).

So we have 3 options as the standard playable mode in smaller regions:

  1. Quickmatch, the casual mode. Universally considered a joke, can't pick hero to suit the map, frequent all assassin games, almost guaranteed to be missing a tank or healer, half the hero pool is not even viable in this mode, most of the time you pick a hero and pray you get a good map and matchup, complete RNG
  2. Unranked draft, in between casual and serious mode.
  3. Ranked, the more "serious" mode.

Since smaller regions can only support one mode, that mode should really be unranked draft and not quickmatch. That way, at least players can draft a bit and it's not a complete joke.

It would strike a fair balance between extreme casuals (quickmatch) and more serious players (ranked).

However, because most new players don't know better and they just start off with quickmatch as the "standard default" mode, quickmatch is now the only playable PvP mode in most smaller regions (queue times can only snowball positively in favour of one mode, it will snowball negatively for all other modes)

Can you imagine how bad this game would be for you guys who are of a certain level of skill and used to play ranked (which I did before the HGC cancellation), being forced to play exclusively quickmatch?

The new player experience in quickmatch is horrible anyway. The game was never designed to be played without a tank and healer but that's the ONLY MAIN AND ONLY EXPERIENCE new players get exposed to in quickmatch. I think even in big regions like EU and NA, unranked draft is a more attractive exposure to hots for new players than quickmatch.


New players trying out HOTS might gravitate towards safer roles like healers. Then in quickmatch they get put into joke matches where they don't have a tank to protect them, and the enemy team has 4 burst assassins hunting them down the whole game (the standard quickmatch heroes butcher nova valeera tracer genji). How many games of that do you think they'll play before they quit?

The new players think that this is the game, every game is a clown joke. The game would be so much more attractive to new players if there were some semblance of drafting and new players could actually experience having tanks and healers more often (there is greater incentive to pick tanks and healers in draft modes because it gives your team an advantage if the enemy team doesn't pick one. In quickmatch, picking tank and healer doesn't give your team an advantage because you pick a tank the enemy team is guaranteed a tank).

And of course it goes without saying that for more experienced players, unranked draft is infinitely more attractive than quickmatch (only disadvantage being the time it takes to draft/ban, which I honestly think should be sped up in unranked draft).

Note that I'm not asking for quickmatch to be removed. All I'm saying is, for smaller regions, quickmatch should be perceived as a mode for extreme casuals like brawl, where you basically go to clown around and do stupid stuff. Unranked draft should be the "standard" mode. Players who want to play brawl or quickmatch can still do so, they just need to know it's NOT the standard game mode at all.

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