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With a holiday weekend coming up – Let’s share some tips for climbing SL

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - With a holiday weekend coming up - Let's share some tips for climbing SL

As we grace Storm League with our silver presence this weekend, let's try to remember a few tips. Feel free to share your own as well!

  • Checking profiles is fine and dandy – especially rosters. But for those that like to check "how good their teammates are" in the hope that they can get carried, remember one thing. HotS stats are like stocks : past performance does not guarantee future results.

A 3.0 kda may look "terrible" to ranged assassin mains who know how to position. But it says absolutely nothing about how good someone may play this game. Too many factors affect statistics (game length, party queue, statpadding, role). P.S. this goes the other way as well. That 5.5 kda guy may be punching above his league and feed his face off.

  • You're getting angry about your losses because you think you deserve a higher rank. You don't.

Stop flaming your teammates. The only way to prove you're actually better than your competition is to carry your team. This can be done with exp, clutch healing, and damage.

If you feel like you're encountering too many premades, and you truly deserve to rise in rank – other decent players will be down to queue with you. Group up.

If you're good enough – you not only have the tools to win, but to absolutely stack the deck in your favor. Stop making excuses and go win.

  • Mind your micro.

Stop blinding just to blind. Hold your CC for the assassins jumping in after the power slide. Stop using soundbarrier early – Nothing is more silver than using it when your team is at 10% hp after eating all the enemy cooldowns. Great, you shielded a few autos (if your enemies are even skilled enough to weave autos inbetween abilities) – and now all their basic abilities are up when the shield dissipates. Great job!


It's a game of basic math – you want to make sure your actions result in your team dealing more damage than it takes.

Tanks – Your CC is meaningless without follow-up damage. No one cares that you ulted four people if you left your team four screens behind to do it.

Healers – Shields are damage mitigation abilities, not heals. If the entire shield isn't burned through – you either won the exchange or used it suboptimally.

Top your teammates off before fights. Coordinate invulnerability ults when you have heroes like Zuljin on your team.

Anduin players – Stop being afraid of Salvation. Learn to actually play around abilities and realize that a half or 75% channel is still a very successful ult depending on the circumstances.

P.S. – You can use it Offensively too. The whole team should follow up the engage. If heroes that can interrupt you are too busy getting CC'ed or bursted down, you'll get a full ult channel!

Ranged – If you can't kite/stutter-step, don't play ranged. Auto-attack stackers are among the easiest to carry with at lower ranks.

Support / alternate heroes – Don't let garbo teammates discourage you from taking that Murky. Losing to conventional heroes is easier to swallow; Chalk it up to skill difference and move on. But a TLV or Murky split pushing his team to a 3 level lead? Sheesh. Keep on keeping on, and if you suck at it – accept you suck and keep practicing. Don't flame team.

Share tips of your own, and good luck!

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