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With Anduin entering the Nexus with Flash Heal, I think it’s a good time to remind everyone about Shift Queuing Commands.

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - With Anduin entering the Nexus with Flash Heal, I think it's a good time to remind everyone about Shift Queuing Commands.

TL;DR: When playing Anduin, press Q –> hold Shift –> Right Click in order to save time and perfectly move the instant your heal completes.

Since HotS was made in the Starcraft II engine, it carries over a lot of hotkeys from that game, including Shift. The Shift key allows you to queue different commands. For example: If you start moving from Point A to Point B, hold the Shift key and right click on Point C, your hero will continue to move to Point B before moving to Point C. The queued movement command is represented as a green dotted line from Point B to Point C. This doesn't just apply to movement commands, but also to ability casts and "Smart Commands" (like tapping a fountain or starting a Shrine objective). You can queue multiple commands at once, and you can hold down shift the entire time to make it easier.

This has immense value in SC2 where you are trying to control several groups of units and give them complicated instructions without having to select the group for each new command. It also has several nice uses in HotS, including but not limited to:

  • Tapping a fountain and moving away without losing any time
  • Immediately moving after a stationary channel like Mounting or capturing an Altar
  • Giving Samuro clones or TLV units complex movement commands to save mental energy and clicks

Why am I bringing this up in regards to Anduin? Flash Heal, Anduin's Q, requires you to channel in place for .75 seconds before your heal goes off. If you right click to move (or do any other command) before the channel completes, you lose the heal. This is good if you're trying to dodge a skillshot, but it can get extremely annoying if you're just trying to perfectly time your movement following a heal. At best you'll either lose a small amount of time; at worst you accidentally cancel your own heal. Q –> Shift Right Click solves this problem by letting you queue movement the instant your heal completes. Also useful: Q –> Shift Z –> Shift Right Click lets you immediately mount and move after the heal, good for getting off one last heal before you rotate. Perhaps you only have 30 mana left: Q –> Shift B lets you get off one last heal on an ally before you back.

I hope at least one person out there didn't know about Shift and found this useful! I was lucky enough to immediately remember it from playing Starcraft II, but I've had friends play for hundreds of levels without ever knowing about this nice little convenience.

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