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Would it be good to make fallen heroes’ hitboxes linger for a second?

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Would it be good to make fallen heroes' hitboxes linger for a second?

Let me be clear about what we're talking about. I am suggesting that, when a hero is taken down, for about one second or so their hitbox remains, but is entirely invisible and you can walk through it. Their ragdoll body still flies off in whatever direction as normal and disappears. This hitbox cannot be directly targeted, but can still be hit by skillshots and auto attacks that are already in the air.

What would this mean? Well, imagine Illidan uses his hunt, but while he's flying through the air his target dies. When this happens, the hero's hitbox immediately returns to the hall of storms, and Illidan flies straight into the enemy base, bounces off the wall of storms, and is standing next to the core. Funny, but not really an intended interaction. If the hitbox remained, this would just stop happening.

Moreover, many heroes have abilities that proc when they hit another hero. Whether it is cooldown reduction, or keeping a combo going, or something else, if that hero dies while their ability is heading towards them, they miss out.

Some clear examples of this: Fenix is using his AoE attack Phase Bomb. He targets a hero, who is standing on three other enemy heroes. The hero he targets dies, phase bomb fails to connect, and he doesn't hit any of the other three heroes. If the hitbox persisted, he would still hit the target, and damage the enemy hero.

Another example: Mephisto casts his Durance of Hate at a hero. There is a channel time and a travel time to this ability. He aims it perfectly, but the hero dies before it gets there. It whiffs, and doesn't root anyone else. If the hitbox persisted, he would land his root, and it would spread if other heroes were nearby.


A third example: Orphea gets big cooldown reduction on her Q, and can talent into CDR on her W as well. This makes her deadly when she lands her abilities, but entirely impotent when she misses. In a teamfight, if she aims perfectly, but her target dies before the ability lands (both Q and W have about a half second delay), she misses, and her abilities go on full cooldown, taking her mostly out of the fight for 5-10 seconds, on top of denying her healing. If hitboxes persisted, she wouldn't get punished for this.

A fourth example I just thought of: Qhira gets healing based on how many enemies have stacks of her bleed. If you kill a hero, generally they had a few stacks at least, but you cannot heal after they're dead. If this persisted, she could get healing from a hero that she just killed, for just a brief moment.

A fifth example: Kel'Thuzad tries to chain two heroes together. The damage from the chain kills the first hero. With persistent hitboxes, he would still be able to cast his chain from the dead player to stun and pull the second player.

Now, I can see some downsides to this. First, someone like Orphea could kill someone, then intentionally hit their dead body with an ability to stack up chaos. Second, dead bodies could block projectiles intended for others, so for example Jaina could try to frostbolt someone behind someone who just died, and the recently deceased would absorb the shot. There are probably others as well, but it seems to me like the positives outweigh the negatives, and maybe a slight visual indicator so you could see if your shot is going to be blocked would mitigate the frustration of getting denied by a dead body.

What do you think?

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