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Would it ever be possible to combine the best of quickmatch and unranked into one mode?

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Would it ever be possible to combine the best of quickmatch and unranked into one mode?

I create this thread for suggestions on whether it might ever be possible for that to happen. As most people know, unranked is a lot less popular than quickmatch (and is completely dead or dying in many regions). However, quickmatch matchmaking and team comps have been complained about for years and is a universal constant complaint on every single HOTS forum (go to EU and korea forums and it's all the same, every few days you get a quickmatch complaint thread)

Combining the casual playerbase into one mode with the advantages of both modes could make for very fast queues too.

Advantages of quickmatch:

  1. Pick whatever you want, no one can take that away from you
  2. Very quick

Advantages of unranked draft:

  1. You actually get to draft and use some drafting knowledge

I had an idea (posted as a comment in another thread) that has its flaws but is still an idea to get the ball rolling.

All players prepick a hero (like quickmatch). They then enter a lobby (can see map and all hero picks). Then both teams take turns (in the 1-2-2-2-2-1 order) and each player has 5 seconds to either stick to his original prepicked hero or change to a new one (and your teammates can "hover" over another hero to indicate their intention to change to that hero at their turn so you can see).

The whole "draft" process will take less than 1 minute (about 30 seconds actually). If you miss your turn (since it's only 5 seconds), too bad you have to stick to your original hero.

This achieves:

  1. A little bit of drafting, no more complaints about team comps (that's player responsibility now)
  2. Still extremely quick (30 seconds extra only)
  3. You can pick whatever you want and stick to it and no one can take that from you

But there are some "disadvantages". The first few players in the draft order can obviously be counterpicked, just like in actual draft modes. This can be seen as a disadvantage but is obviously also an advantage of draft. It's also fair because the order of players is random, sometimes you get lucky you're last in draft order, sometimes you get unlucky you're first in draft order.

The second "disadvantage" is there is no longer role parity. There could be one team with tank and one team without tank. Just like in draft modes, players have to take responsibility for their team comp now (so that's a massive advantage too. You get a bad team comp you only can blame yourself). But I think it's fair that if one team has a non-tank player willing to "sacrifice" himself to play tank while the other team has 5 selfish players, the team with the sacrificial player has a small advantage (it's the same in ranked draft, if you have 5 selfish players who all pick assassins, then you play no healer no tank against enemy tank+healer). So this "disadvantage" is a both a disadvantage and an advantage (encourages more tank/healer players too if they know their teammates will pick the corresponding tank/healer).

Any other workable ideas?

Or any suggestions on how to improve on my idea to get the best of both worlds?

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