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Xul is Fine Now, and How to Fight Against Him.

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Xul is Fine Now, and How to Fight Against Him.

Been seeing lots of kneejerk posts calling for nerfs to Xul. I've played Xul for a long, long time. He's my main character, and I love him bunches. He's fine now.

I'm so glad the patch came through for Xul and helped him out. He needed it so badly. Lots of unexpected stuff, but lots of really necessary changes to smooth Xul's game out. Thanks to the devs a ton for these changes, and making Xul competitive in teamfights.

He's fine. What's happening is that players have never actually had to deal with a good Xul before. Pre-Patch, Xul had a lot of pitfalls baked into his kit. Loads of dead talents, and sub-optimal builds. Also, he isn't that popular a hero, and so he doesn't show up alot, and, pre-patch, the ones that do exist are primarily offlane pushers. It's rare to play against a Xul who knows his builds, and timings and exploits them to their maximum advantage.

As I'm playing Xul, I'm watching tons of people act like I'm not a threat. This was always the case pre-patch, and I punished it hard then, and I punish it hard now. Everyone acts like Xul is just killing minions off on the side. I murdered these people then, I murder these people now. Take Xul seriously. If you're coming on here to complain about Xul, it means you aren't taking Xul seriously as a character. You're stuck in "lul xul kills minions" mode. Wake up. Treat Xul as a serious threat. He always was, you just didn't know it.

Xul is a hard engage, all in character. He loses a ton of power one millimetre away from his face. He wants to ambush and dump his whole kit into your soul. If you let him, he will seem extremely broken. This wouldn't be different from complaining about Butcher after you overextend and get rolled.

Xul has a root. If you walked up to an Uther and then bitched about getting stunned people would treat you like an idiot. For some reason, you walk up to Xul, and act all surprised and shocked when he throws out his most powerful tool, I'm supposed to take you seriously. If you get up into Xul's face, you will get rooted. This shouldn't be surprising to many of you, but it seems to actually be the case.


Xul's mobility is in the trash can. When I play against Xul I exploit this hard and I win. Xul has trashcan range, and zero movement skills. Everything he has banks on the idea that you're getting close enough to him so he can apply a root, or a slow. Just don't. I don't know why this is really hard for ranged assassins to get, but it really does seem really hard for them to grasp. I literally walk up to Valla's who stand their ground thinking "I'll just burn him down it's just a pathetic who gives a shit Xul." And then I maul them, like I always did. Just stay at range and fuck Xul up. He can't do anything about it.

Stop fighting Xul in his optimal situation. How many times do I need to watch a lili, liming, blaze stand their ground against me as a rapid harvest them to death? Get the fuck away. So many times I've killed people shaking my head asking "Why didn't you just leave?" If you're out of melee range, Xul isn't powerful. Your 3v1 advantage isn't meaningful if you all stand in melee range and let me slash you all to death.

Xul's finally in an actually good spot. Any player can pick him up and be having success with him straight away, instead of having tons of struggle games trying to navigate his dumb talent tree. If it sounds like I'm being a douchebag pointing out things that are extremely obvious that anyone should get, that's because I am being a douchebag pointing out things that are extremely obvious that anyone should get, and tons and tons and tons and tons of people don't.

Xul's a threat. He always was. You just never met him. Now you have, because a twelve year old with an internet connection can succeed with him, and you should know better. Stop pretending Xul isn't a powerful threat, and you'll win.

I'm yet to lose a game against a Xul post-patch, because I respect Xul. You don't. Start.

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