Heroes of the Storm

Yogg-Saron Hero Concept

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Yogg-Saron Hero Concept



Damage from your abilities apply insanity to enemy heroes for 3 seconds. This effect stacks. At 6 stacks of insanity, the target is Fear for 1 second.
-Stacks cannot be applied to enemies already Feared, to prevent total CC lock


Global Point and Click
1 second cooldown
5 second channel

Extend your will fully upon one of an ally lane minions, giving you full control of them and evolving them into a Faceless One, increasing their health by 500%, attack damage by 300%, and movement speed by 15%
While in control the the minion is empowered, granting a new Q and activating the W ability.

Warrior Minion (Melee)Blunt strike that reduces enemy movement speed by 50%, deacying over 3 seconds. Applies 3 stacks of insanity.

Wizard minion (Ranged)Shroud an ally, causing them to pulse dark energy, applying 1 stack of insanity every second for 5 seconds.

Ranged minion (Ranged)Line skillshot that silences the first enemy hero for 0.50 seconds, and applying 2 stack of insanity.

-While under brain link, the minion is now considered a hero and can contest objectives, capture mercenary camps, and other things a hero can.
-Minions who die under Brain Link grant full heroes exp and will "kill" Yogg Saron. While dead, he cannot cast a a new Brain Link and is considered "dead" like a normal hero until the respawn timer is up. If a Cthaxxi is still alive, he may still control it, similiar to how kerrigan can control ultralisk while dead.



Medium cast range
Must be casted in range a Faceless one or C'Thraxxi
3 second cooldown

Instantly summon a Crusher Tentacle for 15 seconds that attacks nearby enemies. Prefers to attack heroes. Deals 50% bounus damage to heroes. Attacks apply 1 stack of Insanity

-Simiilar to turrets from gazlowe and probius


Global AoE targeted
30 Second Cooldown
Cooldown begins upon death

After a 3 second delay, summon the C'Thrax General Vezax You can control. Last until killed. Deals 25% bonus damage to heroes. Attacks apply 1 stack of Insanity

10% of all damage done by Brain Linked Minions and Crusher Tentacles will heal General Vezax. This healing is tripled vs heroes.

-Can be controlled as a pet like Water Elemental, Ultralisk, and Banshees
-Is NOT considered a hero.


45 second Cooldown

Summon a large eye stalker to guard the area for 15 seconds. Every second the eye stalker will apply 1 stack of Insanity and deal 59 damage to the lowest health enemy hero in the area.

-Guards the area like phoenix or gargantuan


Global point and click
80 second Cooldown

After a 2 second channel, summon a clone of an enemy hero for 15 seconds. Will prefer to attack heroes and the original host.

-Uses AI

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