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Yogg-Saron (Hero Concept)

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Yogg-Saron (Hero Concept)

Warning: probably IMBA, suggestions welcome.

Inspired by: https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/az1bzb/found_this_gem_can_somebody_translate_it_for_me/

Passive: Yogg-Saron is everywhere and nowhere, his HP is limitless but he does not exist. His abilities cast source is any friendly unit.

Mana: 2000 +5% + MP Regen: 8+5%, when an ability fails to hit a hero, it costs 150~250 more (applied after cast) when mana reaches 0, Yogg hibernates for 50% of death timer.

EXP: Yogg gains exp where he cast an ability for 5 seconds.

When starting game: at least 2 allies most consent they surrender to madness, to be able to unlock ally damaging talents.

Random effect icon shown before casting. "Power" include damage and CC duration.

Q: Squeeze: summon a tentacle that deals 125 damage after 1.5 seconds with a random effect (35% slow for 1.5 seconds/ Stun for 0.5 seconds / push back) (CD: 5 seconds) (45 mana) (deals 50% less damage to minions) (Vector skill shot)

W: Toggle between a random buff and a random debuff Cast time: 0.75, duration 4 seconds, CD: 5 seconds (45 mana) – Buffs : +100% health regen, +30% AS, +30% AP – Debuffs: -35% healing received, -20% damage dealt, -20% armor.

E: Whisper Echo: recast a random spell that was cast in the past 5 seconds (from allies or enemies) (CD: 10 seconds) (60 mana) (First cast locks in the spell, second is cast it) (When casting a spell that requires a movement or AA modifier, an untargetable shadow/echo of the hero does it instead)

R: Induce Madness: target an enemy hero, after 4 seconds they gain 75% armor and randomly cast their abilities (can damage their allies as well) and attack the closest hero, this effect last 4 seconds. (CD: 100) (200 mana)

R: Create a Spell: (CD: 50) (200 mana) (Choose 2, third is choice is random) – Choose AoE (Big Circle: -25% power, fat line, squiggly line +25% power, repeated random explosions -80% power) – Choose CC effect (Stun for 1 second, Pull to center, 50% slow for 2 seconds, no CC +30% power) – Cast speed and Damage type: (Instant -30% power/ 1 second delay (normal) / DoT over 5 seconds +25% damage / DoT over 15 seconds +50% power.)


Talents: Level 1:

  • They are coming for you: Yogg-Saron does not require a friendly unit to cast spell, but spells are delayed by an extra 1.5 seconds when you do so.

  • Your allies betray you: you abilities deal 30% more damage but deal 25% damage to allies as well (cannot kill).

  • Q CD -1, repeatable Quest: hit 10 enemy heroes, Reward: Q deals 6% more damage.

  • W buff duration +2, for each hero in AoE restore 5% mana.

Level 4:

  • Squeeze leaves behind a random friendly minion (Zerg or a Beetle)

  • Toggle: ability cooldowns reduced by % of current mana % up to 65% but they cost 100% more mana)

  • Active: gain 3 charges of Q (CD: 30)

Level 6:

  • Q: leaves behind a corrupted ooze for 4 seconds that deals 25 damage per seconds.

  • W: buffs and debuffs effects both allies and enemies the same, and their power is increased by 200%.

  • All abilities deal 6% of current HP to heroes (including allies) over 10 seconds.

Level 13

  • Buffs heal allies for 10% of their max HP as well.

  • Debuffs deal 100 damage over the duration

  • E: Casts the same spell again automatically in a nearby location.

Level 16:

  • Q: randomly spawns another tentacle that intersects with the one cast.

  • W casts both a buff and a debuff at the same time.

  • E: E CD- 3, Quest: hit 15 heroes with E, Reward: cast E 2 more times.

Level 20:

  • Ultimate Madness (R): increase duration to 6 seconds and remove abilities cooldowns for the duration.

  • Create a Spell (R): created spell can be recast 3 times but with -40% power.

  • Your mana is limitless.

  • D (CD: 5 sec), refresh your basic abilities, cost 50% of current mana)

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