Heroes of the Storm

You can’t go out to play until you’ve done your chores.

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - You can't go out to play until you've done your chores.

By "going out to play" I mean "going to the objective". By "chores" I mean jobs that nobody wants to do but will discreetly cause your life to spiral destructively out of control if you neglect them until it's too late. In hots this means any of the following:

  • Being down a talent tier or down a player. These should be instant black flags.
  • Enemy mercenaries pushing on the far side of the map.
  • Your own mercenary camps left un-claimed, particularly on maps with objectives that take a long time to complete (e.g. Alterac Pass late game, Infernal Shrines early game).
  • Pushed lanes threatening your keeps with catapults.
  • The enemy samurai pushing on Hanamura. People are just-about understanding that you should take your own samurai before the obj at this point, but don't yet seem to have learned that if taking your own samurai = good, leaving the enemy samurai to push = bad.

When you go to contest the objective, you are leaving the minions to do their thing alone, potentially for several minutes. If a lane is not balanced, failing to balance it before contesting the objective gives free structures to your opponents. You have a 50% chance of winning each objective. Minions have a 100% chance of winning their objective if a lane is left unbalanced.

Unbalanced (somewhat bad):

  • One structure disadvantage (fort dead, enemy fort alive).
  • No structure advantage, weak mercenaries (e.g. impalers)

Unbalanced (pretty bad):

  • One structure disadvantage, weak mercenaries.
  • No structure advantage, strong mercenaries (e.g. fallen shaman, samurai, boss, gnolls)

Unbalanced (2020 edition):

  • Two structure disadvantage, enemy catapults within your fort line (keep dead, enemy fort alive).
  • One structure disadvantage, enemy boss.
  • Any structure disadvantage, enemy catapults within your keep line.

You might be horny as all hell and desperate to get to that objective for fun times, but it's never worth giving your opponents a free structure just so that you can get there a bit sooner. There's no point getting to the party first and making a move on that girl unless you've had a shower and brushed your teeth first – she's going to take one look at you and you're going home with a 5-man team wipe. So-to-speak.

Objectives which require multiple victories (Cursed Hollow, Garden of Terror) should be skipped unless your opponents are at 2/3, if there are jobs elsewhere that need doing. Objectives that take a long time to complete (Infernal Shrines, Sky Temple, Hanamura, Volskaya, Alterac Pass) should only be contested once your chores are done. Just because the objective is active does not mean that you need to run in a straight line towards it immediately. Think about what time you have available before you need to be there, and use that time wisely.

It's better to lose the objective but defend it with 5 players and clear minds because there's nothing else to worry about on the map while you do it.

Do your chores.

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