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You meet that guy sometimes.

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - You meet that guy sometimes.

You'll always meet that guy in Quick Match that talks shit about you or someone else. You're here, trying to enjoy yourself, while you can do only one game per day because you wake up in the morning, and have time for only one game, because later your older brother starts streaming and uses all of your internet connection and you're stuck with 300 ping and instability.

Most of the time you guys are the best, stay quiet, play, comment something funny and do not rage. But today I met a Jerk. He raged at everything, a Tassadar not contributing to fights, a Diablo not going to the objective, then there I was, minding my own business, gathering exp all the time, fighting all the time, defending all the time, always in the right spot (or most of the time), but then it happened. DCd because someone in my house woke up. 3 minutes, I go back in, he starts flaming me because I DCd, and all the others with me. In Quick Play.

Now, I'm not one that usually takes these seriously, if I play bad I agree and take the blame on me and it does not influence the way I play, I usually play better if I notice. This time it was different, because I did not do it on purpose, it was a "technical difficulty"… and this is always the reason why I usually rage in videogames: my internet connection. If I lose due to that, and not because I'm not good, it hurts. A lot.


And getting insults, like "trash" or "pleb" because of that… I just can't take it. This guy ruined my whole day with this, first the wound, then the infection.

I do not blame him. I did DC in that game. He had the right, I guess… but still, I want flamers to know that if someone disconnects it's not because they want to, and probably that is not even the first time it happened to them. They probably "suffer" it every time. And I feel them, I always do.

Sorry for the rant, I'm just a player that had bad luck, you can keep scrolling.

Edit: after 3 hours my mind decided to break, now I'm crying. Jerk, I hope you're happy with what you've got.

It sucks to be a good person.

Edit 2: I want to thank everyone who has commented this post. I know I might've sound like a wuss, but I'm usually stronger than that: all the irl shit going on, plus the internet problems that I've been having made me crumble and needed to talk about it. I hope for the best for everyone here. Have a good time in the Nexus, heroes.

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