Heroes of the Storm

Yrel rework concept; opening build paths for Tank, support-tank and solo

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Yrel rework concept; opening build paths for Tank, support-tank and solo

The goal of this rework concept is to redistribute the existing talents in a way that each talent tier has got a tank talent, a support talent and a bruiser/solo talent. The current talent tree has got too many talents that do the same thing on each tier, which leads to the player just picking the ones with better numbers.
Of course Yrel's numbers would likely need to be tweaked to keep her balanced.

Level 1
Dauntless: Yrel gains 35 physical armor while channeling basic abilities and for 2 seconds after casting a fully charged ability.
Maraad's Insight: Damaging an enemy hero with a fully charged ability causes Yrel’s next basic attack to heal her for 70% of the damage dealt.
Hand Of Freedom: moved from level 4.

Level 4
Repentance: moved from level 13.
Gift of the Naaru: unchanged.
Light of Karabor: moved from level 1: Increase the radius of Vindication by 20%. Each enemy hero hit by Vindication increase the healing by 20%. Heal all allied heroes within Vindication for 10% of the healing done.
Divine Steed: moved from level 7.

Level 7
Righteous Momentum: removed.
Samaara's Light: Channeling abilities at max charge no longer reduce movement speed. While above 50% gain 10% movement speed.
Holy Avenger: the range of Avenging Wrath is increased by 15%. If Avenging Wrath at maximum charge hits an enemy hero its cooldown is set to 1 second.
Aegis of Light: moved from level 4 (may need to increase the armor since armor no longer stacks).


Level 10
Ardent Defender: unchanged.
Sacred Ground: Yrel gains 30 armor and 15% spell power while within the area.

Level 13
Aldor Peacekeeper: Enemy heroes hit by Vindication have their spell power and attack speed reduced by 35% for 3 seconds.
Velen's Chosen: Yrel gains 5% spell power for each hero hit by a fully charged ability for 10 seconds up to 30% spell power.
Holy Wrath: moved from level 16.

Level 16
Templar's Verdict: unchanged.
Divine Favor: unchanged.
Righteous Repulsion: new talent: Increase knockback of Righteous Hammer by 100%. OR: Righteous Hammer gains a second charge but its cooldown is increased by 3 seconds.

Level 20
All the same as current talents.

Maybe add a talent to reduce channeling times.
I have realised that she probably also needs to not have her abilities go on full cooldown if they get cancelled, and probably have the channeling times reduced from 1.5 to 1 second.

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