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Yrel’s talents that are unpopular (

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Yrel's talents that are unpopular (

I'm asking for opinions on low picked talents from good Yrel players that experimented with them enough.

Filter used since the last balance patch: link

Build path for more data: link

Talents page: link

Maraad's Insight (passive): 6.61% pop.

  • Now only applies the buff when hitting an enemy Hero with a Basic Ability.

This nerf was justified because her lane sustain was too great, but even with the last buff, I don't think it's good enough to be picked like it used to be. It's the oom talent were you have to spam abilities to get the most out of it.

Aegis of Light (E) 3.47% pop.

  • ​Armor reduced from 35 to 25
  • Duration reduced from 5 to 4 seconds

This nerf was applied exactly 2 months before the massive armor stacking overhaul and was never adjusted afterward.

Gift of the Naaru (trait) 15.23% pop.

Highest win rate. It's not very useful before the first objective in the solo lane, but it comes handy later during team fights. It heals Ana for 17% of her max HP every 8 sec.

Righteous Momentum (W) 19.50% pop.

It got more popular since 6 months ago. Maybe Kyocha and Zergling reverted Liam's trend of going Holy Avenger. HoF did get nerfed, which was great with E resets. It's now harder to pull off frequently.


Sacred Ground (R) 4.83% pop.

  • 50 armor on a 40 sec CD.

I personally love it in most case because of how short the CD is. I need to invade a camp? R. I need to zone the next obj? R. Clearing a hard camp in the middle of a lane? R. It used to be more popular when Dauntless wasn't the hot, but since it has an armor overlaps, its value is diminished, especially when Dauntless was at 50 phys armor. The only time Sacred Ground is strong in general is when Light of Karabor (Q1), Gift of the Naaru (trait) and Righteous Momentum (W7) are picked.

Aldor Peacekeeper (Q) 17.85% pop.

A bit like Leoric's Wraith Walk build. Strong in coordinated environments, weaker otherwise. It's only stronger with .

Repentance (E) 13.49% pop.

  • Slows for 75% for 1.75 sec.

It's not a root, but it damn close to it. No matter the build and comp, it's a good stand-alone talent. I suspect being a high win rate because of its consistent value like Gift of the Naaru.

Divine Favor (trait) 5.51% pop.

It's picked because Gift of the Naaru is strong enough. But hey, Templar's Verdict exists.

Holy Wrath (passive) 11.22% pop.

I rarely pick it, but I can see the value when playing against a heavy macro team where no one can stop you from pushing. Clearing hard camps and hitting gates is satisfying with it. It helps vs lots of summons, too.

Lvl 20. I don't blame Seraphim for being at 80% pop. It's just so much consistent value and Yrel players finally get to play the game by their terms. Bubble Hearth is either to flex or split push all game with Divine Steed and Holy Wrath. Word of Glory to counter some big wombos. Hallowed Ground if you somehow picked Sacred Ground.

My 2 favorite builds are grossly off-meta, but it works for me:



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