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Zagara Rework Ideas: Infested Skillshot, Q Junkratization and Base Nydus Quest

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Zagara Rework Ideas: Infested Skillshot, Q Junkratization and Base Nydus Quest

While writing this, I first made a thread on adding Nydus via a base quest, as that was a big topic.

Ever since her lvl16 buffs, Zag has been doing ok among her fellow ranged assassins. But she's still really unpopular, has oddities in her talent tree like the E stacking quest and generic talents, and is a bit too good at PvE and the early game which limits her PvP potential.

The Nydus idea is meant to provide its rich thematic and gameplay functions to any Zag, locked behind a quest of course, and an added bonus of nerfing her troublesome early game a bit. Drop should be emphasized as a skillshot, which presents an opportunity for some more PvP and escape power. Baneling Barrage is emphasized as mage & anti-mage and gets Frag Launcher-esque charges.

Keep in mind these ideas are extra weird to provide food for thought, and balance is surely off.

Now imma post this before I spend even more time re-combining Q and E talent mechanics!

Base Abilities

Creep Tumor Tie territory expansion to PvP.

  • Duration increased from 240 to 300 seconds.
  • Cooldown increased from 18 to 30 seconds.
  • Added: Basic attacks against Heroes while on Creep reduce the cooldown of Creep Tumor and Nydus Worms by 1 second.

Baneling Barrage Junkratization to keep birth rates up.

  • Damage reduced from 86 to 75.
  • Cooldown increased from 3 to 10 seconds.
  • Damage vs Structures reduced by 50%.
  • Added: All Charges now refresh at once.

Hunter Killer

  • Health and Damage scaling reduced from 4.5% and 5% to 4%.

Infested Drop More of a skillshot.

  • Falling speed increased slightly.
  • Now slows by 60% for .75 seconds.
  • Roachling damage reduced from 27 to 25.
  • Roachlings now focus Heroes after spawning.

Devouring Maw – Same!

Broodling Swarm – Gimme my babies back! (30 sec cd)

  • Summon 5 Broodlings that follow Zagara, including through Nydus Network. Broodlings have 130% move speed, deal 15 damage, halved vs Structures, and slow by 2% for 2 seconds, up to 30%.

Baseline Quest: Nydus Network

  • Reward: After dealing 20.000 Hero damage and 20.000 Siege damage, gain the Nydus Worm ability and summon a permanent Worm in the Hall of Storms. While inside the Network, you gain Hall of Storms' restoration bonus and can travel to any Worm by right-clicking near it.

Nydus Worm (1)

  • Summon a Nydus Worm globally on a visible area with Creep. 120 second cooldown. While on cooldown, use on a Worm other than your starting one to destroy it. Maximum 4 Worms.


Level 1 – Questy Stuff

  • They Grow Up So Fast: Banelings gain 15% size and damage over 1 second. Reward: After hitting Heroes with Banelings 100 times, double these bonuses.
  • Corpse Feeders: Roachlings gain 25% health and heal you for 25% of damage dealt to Heroes. Reward: After hitting Heroes with Infested Drop 30 times, it now spawns an additional Roachling.
  • Infest: Basic Attacks cause nearby Ranged Minions to deal an additional 75 Spell Damage for 3 seconds, increased by 1 per 1000 Siege damage dealt. Reward: After reaching 50.000 Siege Damage, your Summons and Infested Minions target Heroes hit by your Basic Attacks.

Ranged minions normally deal 72 damage. Tying the bonus to basic attacks removes the toggle. Spell damage shows the amount and attributes it to Zagara. Targeting Heroes would be too much early on, thus is locked behind a quest.


Level 4 – Basic Attacks, More PvP, Less PvE

  • Envenomed Spines: Activate to have Zagara’s next Basic Attack deal 200% bonus damage (170) over 6 seconds. Affected units receive 20% more damage from your Basic Attacks.
  • Medusa Blades: Basic attacks also hit 3 nearby enemies for 25% damage, prioritizing Heroes. Damage increases to 50% if at least 3 Heroes are targeted.
  • Serrated Spines: Quest: Basic Attacks against Heroes increase Basic Attack Damage by 2% for 5 seconds, and another .2% permanently. Considered bonus damage vs non-shielded/armored foes.

Level 7 – Offense

  • Brood Massacre: Baneling Barrage loses a charge but fires all Banelings in one burst. Its cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds, plus another second per unique Hero hit. More Junkrat, yay!
  • Viscous Acid: Increase the slow of Infested Drop to 80%. Banelings slow by 20% for 3 seconds.
  • Motherload: Gain 1 Baneling charge and increase the radius of Infested Drop by 20%. Infested Drop creates a Creep Tumor if it hits a Hero.

Level 13 – Sustain

  • Mind-Numbing Poison: Banelings reduce enemy Hero Spell Power by 5% for 3 seconds, and Infested Drop by 20%, to a maximum of 30%.
  • Regenerative Acid: Heal for 40% of the damage dealt by Hydralisks and Banelings to Heroes.
  • Protective Coating: Zagara and her Summons gain 20 Armor while on Creep.

Level 16 – Tweaking + New Talent

  • Corrosive Saliva: Damage increased to 2.5% for Hydralisks, reduced to 1% for Roachlings.
  • Mutalisk: Duration reduced from 30 to 20 seconds.
  • Poison the Skies: Increase the range and damage of Infested Drop by 30%. If it hits a Hero, another drops after 1.25 seconds.
  • Jagged Barbs: Now benefits Envenomed Spines and Serrated Spines.

Adding a new talent (that can go infinite!), reducing Saliva dependency on E talents, nerfing Mutalisk and adding Barbs synergy with all level 4 talents, as atm only Medusa gets a major boost (maybe for a good reason though). Saliva could also apply to your Basic Attacks but deal 1% for all attacks.

Level 20

  • Tyrant Maw: Devouring Maw deals 50% more damage. Reduce its cooldown by 1 second whenever Banelings damage enemy Heroes, and by 5 seconds whenever Infested Drop damages enemy Heroes. As with Kael’s Pyroblast upgrade, adds more sensible and less snowbally cd reduction.
  • Come to Momma!: Broodlings now also reduce enemy armor by 1 for 2 seconds, up to 15. While having fewer than 5 Broodlings, the nearest Nydus Worm spawns one every 3 seconds. Can be toggled on or off.
  • Invasion Complete: Creep’s cooldown reduction applies to all abilities, and is applied at 25% the amount against non-Heroes. While on Creep, Zagara and her summons gain 20% Attack Speed. Goes with any build and adds decisive siege power as well.
  • Endless Creep: Increase the cast range of Creep Tumor by 2000%. Creep grants an additional 10% move speed and its cooldown reduction increases to 3 seconds. Again, territory is tied to PvP.

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