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Hello, I am looking for some answers and advice regarding zeratul.

I normally play bruisers like artanis, sonya, imperius, thrall and have a 70% win rate with them in storm league with over 100+ games this season (i havent played ranked for 5 years and was placed in silver this season. i have a lot of “moba” time logged since dota1). i have stopped playing SL because the queue times are 5x longer and i am happier playing qm bringing the same “i want to win” attitude and zero toxicity.

i recently started binge playing zeratul in QM. I have amassed about 140 games and have a bit of questions.

first, i have i only played a few melee assassins, with 60+ games in each, malthael, kerrigan. and i find MELEE ASSASSINS vs BRUISER, i have to work SO much harder as a melee assassin to get somewhat the same result. and then theres zeratul, seems i have to work even harder just to get the same results as other melee assassins. I get blown up so quick and the damage output isnt even that great. i constantly compare to heroes like imperius, sonya, and thrall who have sustain, nice damage and a good chunk of meat to play sloppily. they also never seem to have mana problems the way zeratul does. i can land a spear/celestial charge/ wolf, and get some nice damage/ ally followup kill and disengage with what feels like zero risk whereas for zeratul, u just might die or, theres not much time for allies to follow up and all this and ur mana is taken a hit. my question is, other than satisfaction and more burst damage , (which imo doesnt get me WINS, sure itll get a kill), why play zeratul over a bruiser? are bruisers just stronger and do everything better in general?


second question. i read a bug online (from 3 yrs ago) that i have to wait a micro second after the first Q in WWQRQWE for the R to become Q and refresh for the rest of the chain. this hs caused me to miss out in a kill/die several times. are we expected to live with this? what are alternatives that wont leave me susceptible to a nice stun from diablo/uther? i have tried WWQE1RWWQE but its really quite hard to pull off atm but it never seems to fail between E and R. any other advice would be great.

third: when reading online i hear a lot of “u gotta weave in your autos” which is what i do against a boss or against a hero that cant just stun/zip away. is that optimal? or is there a way to get in autos without putting my life in jeopardy?

fourth: i have tried about two builds. one is Psionic strength vs rending cleave. and sentenced to death if psionic strength, void slash if rending cleave. I have tried varying my level one talent but strongly feel Greater Cleave is non debateably the best of the three. I tried AA zeratul a couple times and feel very underwhelmed. I have tried void prison a couple times but feel the QM way is to get MOTZ and i really like to get that zeratul mechnics practice in so i almost always pick motz and twilight falls. my question: can you convince me when to pick differing level talents, help me understand when these are superior.

fifth and last: since im always in QM sometimes i dont have a tank, or healer. is that affecting my success as zeratul? should i be living longer when i eat an uther stun? to compare, sargeant hammer is kinda crappy if no one assists your siege mode assault and just does whatever, iS the case similar with zeratul? but not really?

thanks a lot for reading

any other advice is greatly appreciated

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