Heroes of the Storm

Zero [Hero Suggestion]

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Zero [Hero Suggestion]

the precognitient protagonist from Katana Zero as a burst melee assassin with a special death mechanic that can safely apply persistent pressure the enemy team if not dealt with. And yes I know they call him "the dragon" in the game but that's A) someone else, 2) a bad name for a HOTS character and C) shut up

D Trait; Precognition. Creates an illusion of this hero that the player directly controls. All damage the illusion deals is dealt as damage over time at 0 dmg per second. If the illusion dies all queued damage is cancelled. Reactivate to make the illusion the real hero and instantly deal all queued damage. Has a UI icon that shows how many enemy heroes will be killed by reactivating. Has an 18 second cooldown and duration.

Q Ability; Probing Strikes. Dashes forward a short distance doing light damage to enemies in an arc in front of this hero. All enemy heroes hit reduce the cooldown of Splintering Blow by 1 second. Has two charges that are regained simultaneously.

W Ability; Splintering Blow. Next AA is instant and ranged, jumps to target and comes down in an overhead chop that does medium damage and a bonus 4% of target's health. If the target has shields or armor, the % health bonus damage is doubled.

E Ability; Dodge Roll. Rolls forward twice as far as Q, becoming protected for 1 second. Every spell blocked by this reduces the cooldown of Probing Strikes by 1 second.


A) Iaijutsu. This hero becomes protected, sheating his sword and kneeling for 1 second then dash-strikes a full sight-radius length doing heavy damage to all enemy heroes along the way. If used at full health, does double damage if it hits a single target. If used below full health, reduces cooldown by 1/6th for every enemy hero hit.


2) Withdraw. Puts stasis on everything but minions, buildings & this hero. Duration is increased by up to 100% for each % of missing health. Loses 1% health every second it's active; can be deactivated.

Important talents;

Level 1;

1) Never Look Back. Every time Precognition is reactivated while an enemy has Splintering Blow damage pending, increase the damage Splintering Blow does by 1%. Bonus is lost if a Precognition Illusion dies.

2) Mobile Defense. Dodge Roll leaves behind a spirit ally for 1 second. If it takes spell damage that does not also damage the hero, the cooldown of Dodge Roll is reset.

3) Relentless Assault. AA'ing an enemy hero reduces the cooldown of Probing Strikes by 1 second. Each takedown increases this bonus by 0.1 second.

Level 20;

1) Iaijutsu Master. Heals for all damage dealt. Hitting a single enemy hero sets the CD to 10 seconds.

2) Not Alone. Gives an activateable that allows this hero to exempt one non-boss from the stasis. Can be reactivated to put the target back into stasis & has no CD. If the target is an enemy, they also suffer the 1% health drain.

3) You've Activated My Trap!. Dying casts a free Withdraw with no health drain. The next time this hero is CC'd all basic abilities are refreshed and they are stasis'd for the duration instead; both of these are refreshed with takedowns.

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