Hitman 2

+750 contracts! (PS4 only)

Hitman4 - +750 contracts! (PS4 only)

Hi everyone! 🙂 I just wanted to share this with you all! so thank you in advance for reading and playing..hope I'm not bothering!!

I've created a collection of contracts (750 contracts approximately, uf! yeah!) and I finished everything just today.

That being said, I'm leaving the entire list below so you can find the kind of contracts you like the most by title (use "contract search"!) :

NOTE: The contracts were created in all the maps released so far! in case you don't have any in particular and you miss some contracts.

  • "Mr. Rieper" (there are two versions; 1- I created sort of a "campaign" along with the respective Suit Only challenges // 2- the other version has 1 objective/any method/any disguise)

  • "ICA's Dark Tapes" (two versions again: 1- the first has 1 objective/any method/any disguise and sort of a "story" in the description with the respective Suit Only challenges // 2- the other version is a collection of various "themed objectives")

  • World of Assassination (1 objective/any method/any disguise)

  • Merces Letifer Signature (1 objective/Fiber Wire/any disguise)

  • Malus Necessarium Signature (1 objective/Fiber Wire/Suit only)

  • Zero Mastery Contracts (1 objective/any method/any disguise)

  • 47's Gauntlet (5 objectives/any method/any disguise)

  • Forgotten NPCs (5 objectives/any method/any disguise)

  • Phantom Assassin (1 objective/any method/any disguise // Complications: Hide all bodies (optional)/All shots must hit NPCs (optional)/No pacifications (optional)

  • Definitive Silent Assassin (5 objectives/any method/any disguise // Complications: Hide all bodies (optional)/All shots must hit NPCs (optional)/No pacifications (optional)

  • Suit Only Ranked (1 objective/any method/suit only)

  • Codename 47 (1 objective/any method/any disguise)

  • Massive Attack (5 objectives/any method/suit only)

  • Absolution Assignments (1 objective/any method/any disguise)

  • Undercover Pianist (1 objective/Fiber wire/any disguise)

  • The Pianist (1 objective/Fiber wire/suit only)

  • Merces Letifer Archives (1 objective/any method/any disguise)

  • The Equalizer (1 objective/any method/any disguise) // Complications: Targets only(mandatory)/No disguise changing(mandatory)

  • Suits Suits Suits (5 objectives/any method/suit only) // Complications: Targets Only (mandatory)

  • ICA's Banned Footage (5 objectives/any method/any disguise)

  • Fiber Wire Sessions (1 objective/Fiber wire/any disguise)

  • Hitman Anthology (there are two versions: the first and original consists of 2 objectives/any method/any disguise // and the other versions are "stories" with 1 objective/any method/any disguise but have required mission exit)

  • The Cult (1 objective/any method/any disguise)

  • The Cult 2 (1 objective/any method/any disguise)

  • The Equalizer (Reboot) (4 objectives/any method/suit only) // Complications: Targets only(mandatory)/ No disguise changing(mandatory)

  • The Equalizer V2 (4 objectives/any method/suit only) // Complications: Time limit (2:00 – optional)/Targets only(mandatory)/No disguise changing(mandatory)

  • The Equalizer Anthology (1 objective/any method/any disguise) // Complications: Time limit (2:00) (optional)/Required exit/Targets only (mandatory)/No disguise changing (mandatory)

  • Piano Wire Duet (2 objectives/Fiber wire/any disguise)

  • Operation Commandos (5 objectives/Assault rifle/Suit only) // Complications: Time limit (5:00)(mandatory)/Targets Only (mandatory)/ No disguise changing (mandatory)

  • Hitman: Sneaking Missions (1 objective/any method/suit only) // Complications: Targets only (mandatory)/Don't get spotted (mandatory)/No recordings (mandatory)/No bodies found (mandatory)/Hide all bodies (mandatory)/No disguise changing (mandatory)/No pacifications (mandatory)/All shots must hit NPCs (optional)

  • Hitman: El hombre del saco (1 objective/any method/suit only) // Complications: Targets only/Hide all bodies/No disguise changing (all of the previous are mandatory)

  • Merces Letifer Signature V2 (1 objective/Fiber wire/any disguise)

  • Suit Only Challenges (1 objective/any method/suit only)

  • ICA's Hidden Recordings (Full variety! as well as in "ICA's Dark Tapes")

  • John Wick Vs Hitman (two versions! both consists in 5 objectives/Suit only, but one version can be done Unarmed and the other one with Pistol)

  • Hitman: Deadly Environment (1 objective/Method: Accidents/Stage items (such as scissors, screwdrivers, etc)/any disguise)

Well, Agents..I wish you all the luck in the world! all these contract are guaranteed fun 😀 and ONE MORE THING!! —-> you CAN achieve Silent Assassin rating in ALL the contracts (99% of them hehe)(a great part of them were in the trending section) I really love this game (believe it or not, it helped me have some distraction in a heavy difficult moment in my life) and I hope it never gets old or even boring!! kind regards and take care! stay safe ;D Thank you.


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