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A project I might do when I get Hitman 2

Hitman4 - A project I might do when I get Hitman 2

I love hitman custom contracts but it’s so hard to put an interesting story to most of them and intrigue people to see all of your contracts. I am a writer and I find this to be a challenge. Therefore, I am coming up with an idea as I write this post where I would make a google doc containing intro and outro short stories to my contracts, along with the names of the appropriate contracts, which will hopefully form a full story. I have a basic outline of how the story will work. However, I am the type of person to put out a million ideas and never follow through with most because nobody puts in interest in them. I want to know if this is a good idea and if I should pursue the story I have in mind. I generally think Hitman is a great fit for my stories because they are generally a melting pot of foreshadowing, plot twists, subtlety, and eerie subject matter. Keep in mind that I might not do this beyond the demo scenes for hitman(2016) anytime soon because I do not have the full games yet.


Edit: I have a link. The story is called TURTLEDOVE and features two new characters so far in my mind who I can fit into the plot. I’ve already written the prologue with an intro to character one, and character two will have an indirect role in episode one, coming soon. Keep in mind that a lot of this will focus on the ICA until I get the game, and I plan on doing some level jumping between games after the first season of my story.


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