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A word of caution regarding MrFreeze2244.

Hitman1 - A word of caution regarding MrFreeze2244.

I will say up front that I don’t have any trouble believing the accusations being made against him by underage females- Freeze has always come across as a total douchebag and always gave off a creepy vibe to me.

I think the allegations need to be considered and investigated.

That being said, the timing of these allegations coming to light has me feathering the brakes a little bit.

To recap; Freeze throws a childish hissy tantrum and bans half of his discord then wipes away the evidence of his meltdown.

Not long after, underage girls start coming forward, accusing him of having solicited them for nudey pics.

I get that this may just feel like the best opportunity to expose Freeze, given the massive backlash against him at the moment so maybe this is totally legit.

But as a seasoned Internet user, I HAVE to urge a little bit of caution here- I think we need a little more proof of these allegations before we jump from “Freeze is a piece of shit asshole” to “Freeze is a pedophile who has committed a crime he could be imprisoned for”.

I don’t like Freeze, I don’t mind if his meltdown yesterday destroys his community and his channel, he has earned all of that by being an unrelenting asshole to his fans.

But I’m weary about blindly accepting accusations such as these that have SERIOUS real world ramifications, without a shred of tangible evidence to support them.


What I’m saying is; all stories should be heard and considered but we should hesitate to act based on these allegations until there’s some proof.

Being an asshole isn’t a crime. Being a pedophile is one of the worst crimes. I just want to make sure these allegations aren’t part of a revenge scheme, because it would be all too easy if it were and I’m not comfortable with the idea of branding someone a pedo just because they were an asshole.

EDIT: I just want to go a little further in making it clear – this isn't a defense of MrFreeze2244, this is a defense of ANYONE who might one day be accused of a crime they didn't commit. I have no love for Freeze whatsoever, I've been avoiding his content and honestly, you sleep in the bed you make so he deserve the collapse of his channel for being a dickhead. But nobody deserves to have their literal life destroyed by false accusations that carry such weight to them. Not even an asshole like Freeze.

EDIT 2: And I will also say that the Ryan Haywood situation proved to me, permanently, that even the most wholesome family man can be a predatory piece of human garbage – so if the allegations against Freeze are true, it's not going to phase me even a little – I just don't like this growing precedent of guilty until innocent is proven.

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