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Having Replayed all Hitman games, I guess we can put an approximate estimate at 47's Net Worth. It will be a long read, But a fun one if you love Hitman, I hope you find it amusing and Worth your time! So Lets have a look game wise :-

  1. Hitman: Codename 47

▪︎All money earned in Codename 47 is donated to the church and 47 is basically poor as highlighted at the beginning of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, So for the sake of simplicity lets assume the net worth to be $0.

  1. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

▪︎This is where things get Intresting. At the beginning of Hitman 2, Agent 47 asks for a favour to find father Vittorio and promises to return it by completing a Contract. So Anathema he doesn't make any money, And Saint Petersburg Stakeout's earned money goes to The ICA. Now interestingly after so many years, I notice 47 agrees to complete contracts and demands 3X Times the money of an Ordinary hit. According to Diana an Ordinary hit costed $100,000 in 2002, So basically 47 got $300,000 per hit, But here comes the intresting part, 47 specifies that he needs that $300,000 IN GOLD, Deposited in his offshores account. Gold was nearly $310 in 2002, But we will calculate that later. So, Just counting the total value made in Hitman 2, He gets $300,000 per hit, So accordingly, He gets $900,000 for 3 generals Assassinated in Russia, $600,000 for Hayamoto Jr. And Sr., $900,000 for Charlie Sidjan and his brother + The server he hacked in the graveyard shift. Again, $900,000 for The Afghani commander, Abdul Malik, and Yussef Hussein. Now, After the Afghan Missions, 47 again raises his price by 50%, Aka $150,000 more before being sent to India, Therefore he makes $450,000 per hit in India, totalling to $1.35 Million for 3 Hits In India. And As you know, Sergei, The main Antagonist of Hitman 2, Offers one last hit on himself to lure 47 so he can kill him, but since 47 takes the payment prepaid, aka in Advance, We can safely say he got another $450,000 for Revisiting St. Petersburg. Thats the end of Hitman 2, Since the Finale shootout at Gontranno to kill Sergei was personal. Therefore calculating everything, We get total money made in Hitman 2 as Around estimate $5.1 million, And remember this is all in Gold, Whose rise in rates I will calculate in the end.

  1. Hitman: Contracts

This might be a little confusing, But I suppose 47 recalling the events of Meat Kings Party and Beldingford Manor Happened after Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, before he starts recalling Codename 47 events. So, According to his price, $450,000 in Hitman 2, Lets round it off to $500,000 And speculate he made $1 Million from those 2 contracts. Note that Hitman Contracts happens within Blood Money's timeline, so lets add this $1 million in Blood Money and move on to that.

  1. Hitman: Blood Money

Now since Blood money Includes a target in every mission, Getting 47 paid in everyone, Apart from Requiem Finale, There are 12 missions 47 gets paid in. Now, Since the money is factored by your mission score, Taking into canon that 47 always works As A Silent Assassin, The total money made by thd end of Blood Money is approximately $7.5 Million dollars, and along with Meat king and Beldingford, It goes upto $8.5 Million by the end of Blood money. Another note, 47 increases his rates as the story of Blood Money goes on, so we will Factor that for counting the money he made in HITMAN: World of Assassination Trilogy. So, total money made by the end of Blood Money is $13.6 Million, But counting some few more hits that 47 definitely did apart from those seen in games, It's safe to round it upto $15 Million.

  1. Hitman: Absolution

This was a complete personal game, so basically 47 didn't made any money in Hitman Absolution. He also Ignores the $10 Million the ICA Gave to Blake Dexter in exchange for Victoria, So net worth still around $15 million.

▪︎Now, Before we move onto World of Assassination, Which takes place starting from 2019 to 2021, Lets calculate the total rise in 47's investment.


▪︎So again, In Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, he made Approx $5.1 Million, All in Gold. Now in 2002 as I could find from US Gold Charts, Gold was worth $310 per Kg in 2002. Divide that by 5,100,000 we get around 16450 Kg of gold. Now, again for the sake of simplicity, considering that 47 has kept his investment, And his expenditure isn't that much, and most of his Hideouts, And other expenditures like weapons are considered to be provided by his other hits that we haven't seen in games, We can say that he has 16450Kg of Gold bought at $310 per Kg. Again, US Gold charts show that Gold is now worth around $1800 by the end of 2020. That means Agent 47 is getting nearly $1500 dollar profit from per Kg of gold, He has 16450×1500 = Approx. And rounding off $25 Million from Hitman 2 silent Assassin. ▪︎ Again, Noting that Blood Money takes place between 2004 and 2005, Gold was worth $410 per Kg. So again, $8.5 million divided by $410 gives us 20,730Kg of gold, Which by todays price, 47 makes a total of $1400 in profit, gives 20,730×1400 = $29 Million, Again lets round off to $30 Million. So, Speculating 47 smartness, He is still holding onto his Investment, He has Made $55 Million in current value from Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and Hitman: Blood Money. Lets move on to World of Assassination Trilogy.

6.Hitman: World of Assassination Trilogy

▪︎Now, I have to remind you that 47 was charging as high as $800,000 by the end of Blood money which was ended in 2005. Lets again, for the sake of simplicity assume that basically 47 chaged $1 million per hit approx. Now, Since Hitman: WOA Trilogy takes place from 2019 to 2021, When gold futures aren't that good, Lets assume that 47 has started accepting Cash instead of Gold. Even if he accepts gold, There hasn't been a significant change, So it would be same nonetheless. So, $1 million in 2005. Now according to US Inflation rates, The dollar has increased by nearly 41% between 2004-5 to 2020. Aka $100 in 2004-5 will be worth around $141 in 2020. According to Inflation, 47 should charge around $1.4 Million, Rounding off, $1.5 Million per hit in 2019-20. But, That is Assuming he never Increased his fees in the past 15 Years, Which is likely to be false, As 47 will definitely have a fee increase in 15 years. So, lets assume he now charges, Atleast averaging out $2 Million per hit. So with that in mind, lets count the "Canon Missions" from WOA Trilogy. We have Paris, Sapienza, Morocco, Bangkok, Colorado, Hokkaido, Landslide, A house built on Sand, And finally, The Icon, A total of 9 Missions as Canon from The first season. (Might be a debate on Patient zero, But lets keep it out since there are no trophies/achievements for it, Landslide and other bonus missions have one).

▪︎Now in HITMAN 2, we can count Hawke's Bay, Miami, Colombia, Mumbai, and finally Whittleton Creek. ICA Does not sanction Isle of Sģail, New York and Haven, Since The game gets personal after killing Janus. Also, Sniper Assassin missions counted as canon due to their Trophies/Achievments,We have 8 missions canon from HITMAN 2.

HITMAN 3, Again, Is completely Personal, So again no money made. Lets move on to Final Calculations and Estimations.


So, $55 Million from Killings By the end of Blood Money. We have 17 Confirmed Canon Missions from Hitman WOA that pays 47, Going by $2 Million per hit, We have 17×2= $34 Million from WOA. Now, If we take into account some other few hits we dont know before WOA that 47 definitely carried out, And round off $34 Million to $45 Million, We get An Estimated, I say again, This is from complete speculation of 47's smartness as an Investor and Assassin, and Including his Assets like His weapons And Hideouts over the course of the games, The HITS WE KNOW about, A Total of Whopping $100,000,000. Thats Right, Aroud $100 MILLION most of which just comes from Hitman 2 Silent Assassin, Blood Money, And WOA trilogy. Again, NOTE This is the money we calculated from The HITS we Know about! So, We can easily confirm he is ATLEAST Worth $100 Million. BUT, There is a 15 YEARS of difference between Blood Money and WOA! Imagine the Amount of Hits 47 has carried in these 15 years! So, Knowing he is net Worthed around $100 Million just from knowing his hits from Hitman games that span a Year each, One can Easily imagine, That 47 including his Gold assets, Hideouts, Weapons and Cash, Is easily worth $250+ Million dollars over the course of his 20 years Assassin History, Making him One of The Most Richest Video Game Characters till date.

Thank You for giving your time reading this, I hope you found it amusing. As a Hardcore Hitman Fan, It's amazing how much 47 has come in the past 20 years! Sadly we wont see anymore of him for atleast 5 more years till IOI completes 007, So lets cherish the last 20 years we know of our lovely agent and hope for his return soon!

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