Hitman 2

An Appreciation Post!

Hitman2 - An Appreciation Post!

I couldn't help myself not creating this post. This will be a praise to the holy games that are HITMAN and HITMAN 2.

First all of, I've always been a big fan of the franchise, I vaguely remember some images of me playing Hitman in an internet cafe for the first time (years later with small details I remember such as the opening, I learned that that was Contracts) but my proper introduction to series was watching my friend playing the legend itself, Blood Money. Sitting through his gameplay, taking small turns when he was stuck (eventually watching youtube tutorials when we were all stuck), even those limited interactions were so exciting for me! (I cannot explain enough how much I loved Murder of the Crows) Game and the franchise put me in awe with its over the top deliver of freedom to its players. Then I got the HD Trilogy pack for the PS3 and had the chance to play the Silent Assassin too. Great work of a game again, especially with its HUGE maps! After a couple years I played the Absolution in the HD era. (switching to pc from now on) Game stuck in my memory as more of the "combat", but that could be my misjudgement. Apart from that, Absolution's intense story was enough for me to praise that also.

All that combined, when Hitman (2016) released, I was into many other games and grinding towards the whole competetive gaming side, so 2016 just flew away from my radar, so as the HITMAN 2. All the knowledge I had was that 2016 was not that successfull at the start and paid missions model was heavily critisized. My reintroduction to the series caused by a steam sale a week ago or so and I never felt so prejudiced…

Bought the game with the correct bundle's (GOTY and Legacy – Thanks to helpful steam reviews!) and started playing. I have always been a completionist type of guy in every game I played so HITMAN 2 sucked me in for hours and hours with its endless content. Even the first ICA Facility mission which serves as a tutorial got me at least for 2 days with its endless challanges and I was not satisfied until I got that %100 (Well, to get that I had to complete some escalations from the Paris too and those were done quickly!) Now I've just %96'd the Showstopper with all the challanges, feats, escalations etc.. and moving onto the World of Tomorrow. (missing %4 is from the "Classics" which requires other missions also)


Game's approach to assasination is so unique and wide, and that's not just saying "Oh you cant also NOT follow the story, this game is the best!". You can choose not to follow MANY stories game implemented and even if you choose to follow them, none of them are linear! Your approach divides intro branches and elevates exponentially. With its HUGE interactable maps, holding hundreds of npc's with different applications coded in, this game never feels repetetive.

Developers really made great design choices in order to give endless replayability. Follow the story, complete the mission. Then do the challanges, do the feats, create many approaches and many assasination routes to complete them and work your way towards getting achievements. Then you have escalations to spice up your gaming experience in the same area you sunk many hours into. If that's not enough, play countless of contracts players provide to the community! If that's not enough, follow up the Elusive Targets for the authentic assasination experience. To have a different experience, hop in for the ghost mode and the sniper assassin, switch to the online modes and once more praise the good implementation of an online user interface for a single-player experience (Take lessons Ubisoft!)

Only clocked about 30 hours, just reached level 60 but I'm having a great time already. I shouldn't have slept on these games when they were released initially. Well done IO Interactive, you have really created the World of Assassination! Brilliant!

Note 1: Interestingly, while my laptop lacks good performance in many games with high graphics, HITMAN 2 shows a shockingly good performance on my laptop with just some frame drops and crashed here and there.

Note 2: My only concern now is that missing the many first Elusive targets are killing me! Even I know that it's in the nature of them being "Elusive", but how about releasing the old Elusives in a package for us restless completionists IO Interactive, please? 🙂

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