Hitman 2

An Open Letter to IO Interactive

Hitman3 - An Open Letter to IO Interactive

I'll dispense with the lengthy preamble to establish my bonafides and just say this; take my word for it, I'm as big a Hitman fan as anyone and I've loved the series for 20 years, barring a bit of disillusionment following Absolution (which was a departure from the Hitman formula, let's be fair)… but rekindled and heightened enthusiasm upon my first hands-on experience with HITMAN 2016.

The course HITMAN appears to be on at the moment is troubling.

For the first time since 2016, I'm bypassing HITMAN content.

For the first time since 2016, I'm not looking forward to what's coming next.

For the first time since Absolution, I'm beginning to feel a bit of that disillusionment.

It's not that the content being released is bad. It's that you set a precedent with Hitman 2; established an expectation. Although we knew going in that we wouldn't get full fledged new levels, we were expecting something a bit more than Escalations and reskinned suits/items.

To be completely fair, it's still early and we don't know what's in the pipeline.

But that's exactly the problem. You asked for $40 for 3 escalations and a pack of weapon/suit skins. You asked for another $35 for access to what is essentially a Season Pass, without any indication as to what we can expect to find in it, and so far what has been released is not very promising in regards to what's to come.

I understand your reluctance to make promises until the content is already on it's way out of the barrel. I get it. I get that you don't want to get people hyped up for content that may be dissolved for reason or another.


But, frankly, if you can't give us SOME relatively solid idea on what to expect going forward, then I think it's totally reasonable for fans to grow increasingly upset and frustrated.

We've put up with the lack of communication for a long time because you usually deliver in the end – but if people are feeling this way now, despite the fact that you've always pulled through in the past, that means you're doing something wrong. That means you've shaken our faith in you. Maybe it's not entirely your fault; gamers tend to have beaten dog syndrome due to the predatory business models of other publishers/developers, but you could do a lot more to be reassuring that the content we're pre-purchasing is going to turn out to be worth it. If people are complaining about one measly escalation, you'd do well to AT LEAST say "Stay Tuned, the coming content will be more varied".

It would also be worthwhile to address a former claim that there would be changes to the Elusive Target formula – either that you're still working on those changes, or that those changes will be reflected in content down the road, or that those changes have been reverted and abandoned.

We expect so much from you because we know you can deliver and that you DO try to please the fans of your games. We can come across as whiney and entitled but I hope you understand that it's all born of enthusiasm and passion for the brilliant game series you've created – we just want more Hitman sandbox experiences, and Escalations aren't that.

Best wishes.

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