Hitman 2

An (opinionated) ranking of all the maps from Season 1 and 2.

Hitman1 - An (opinionated) ranking of all the maps from Season 1 and 2.

Hello everybody. With new maps on the way this summer, I felt like it was only right to review the existing maps from Hitman 2016 and from Hitman 2, and to see how they stacked up against each other. Using the latest technology (Microsoft Excel tables), I gave each map a ranking 1-5 for ten different categories: difficulty balance (1= too hard or easy, 5= perfect balance), opportunities/mission stories, targets (backstory/evilness), setting/location, freedom/manipulability of targets’ paths, background music, escalations, bonus missions (for S2 locations, I graded them on potential for bonus missions), layout/ease of access, and disguises (number and cool factor). Each location had a possibility for 50 points. I left out Hawke’s Bay as it does not have mission stories, escalations, or more than one disguise, and its score was looking pitifully low. I also did not rank maps that went with bonus missions, like Landslide or A House Made of Sand. Without further ado, here is the ranking of the 11 maps I considered.

  1. Miami (44 points)
  2. Sapienza (43 points)
  3. Paris (39 points)
  4. Hokkaido (38 points)
  5. Santa Fortuna (37 points)
  6. Mumbai (36 points)
  7. Isle of Sgail (35 points)
  8. Whittleton Creek (34 points)
  9. Marrakesh (30 points)
  10. Bangkok (23 points)
  11. Colorado (21 points)

As you can see, there were three Season 1 maps in my Top 4. However, the bottom 3 were also from S1. This speaks to the polar nature of the first maps. The ones IOI got right, they nailed. The other ones lost a lot of points despite still looking beautiful. A combination of weak targets, either being too hard, too easy, or too painful, and poor level design put these three at the bottom.


The Season 2 maps took up pretty much all of the middle spots. There ones were all solid. Miami was the only one who made it into that top tier though. It even took the top spot, which surprised me. I thought for sure Sapienza would come out on top. I did take several points away though for not making good enough use of the church and town hall areas. If there were more opportunities to get Silvio Caruso or Franny de Sanny into those areas, it would have had nearly 50 points.

All in all, it’s clear that I hold Season 2 maps on higher esteem than Season 1 maps overall. S2 maps had an average score of 37.2 points, which is higher than S1’s average of 32.3. Colorado and Bangkok dragged down Sapienza, Paris, and Hokkaido that far. Miami came out on top because of its delicate balance of atmosphere, interesting targets, manipulability of events, and sensible layout. All the other season 2 targets weren’t perfect, but they were still good enough to be better than the worst season 1 maps. I’m interested to hear what others in the community think about this. Let me know where you guys stand!

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