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Best disguise on every map….

Hitman4 - Best disguise on every map....

Hey all, I was curious as to what you guys think the best disguise on each map is this is what I think (Also, for me best doesn't necessarily mean can go the most places. Ex, I think Helmut is the best disguise in Paris even though the CICADA guards can go more places).

The shortlist:

Paris: Helmut Kruger

Sapienza: Mansion Guard

Marrakesh: Military Officer

Bangkok: Jordan's Bodyguards

Colorado: Elite Militia

Hokkaido: The Hospital Director

New Zealand: Bodyguard

Miami: Kronstadt Security

Santa Fortuna: Mansion Guard

Mumbai: Bollywood Guard

Whittleton Creek: Spencer "The Hammer" Green

Isle of Sgail: Elite Security

Rational below:

HITMAN (2016)

The Showstopper: Helmut Kruger: Can go to all of the important places (Everywhere but the attic) and I don't think there are any enforcers

World of Tomorrow: Mansion Guard: Mansion guard is kind of a mediocre disguise but I don't think Sapienza has any good disguises, maybe you could make an argument that Dr. Lafayette is the only person allowed in Silvios room, but apart from the main house he can't go anywhere.

A Gilded Cage: Military Officer: Pretty sure he can go everywhere apart from the second floor of the consulate and one of the roofs, aside from that though it's a pretty powerful disguise. Very few enforcers and the fun/unique/useful ability to dismiss guards.

Club 27: Jordan's Bodyguard: Basically the only decent disguise in Bangkok, they can go most places and have few enforcers. Arguably Hotel Security is better just because they can go into all of the guest rooms and Ken's Penthouse and also both of the security rooms all of which Jordans guards can't enter but I dropped Hotel security to second because of SO MANY ENFORCERS.

Freedom Fighters: Elite Militia: Again, Colorado doesn't really have any good disguises the big 3 are spec ops (can enter the barn), demolition (can enter the demolition area), and elite (can enter the house) of the three areas each disguise gets you into I think the house is the most useful thus I put elite militia member above the other two.


Situs Inversus: Hospital Director: This is an interesting one, Hokkaido has 3 disguises I think are really good. The bodyguard is good because he can go almost anywhere in the resort, and most places in the hospital plus he can carry a gun. The Chief Surgeon is really good as well though, very few enforcers, very easy kill on soders and he has almost unrestricted access to the hospital wing. Ultimately I think the Director is slightly better though, The only places he can't go are the surgery room, the stem cell room, and three of the private suites, Apart from that he has pretty unrestricted access to the entire compound, in addition he's the only person who can access KAI, and he has one of the easiest kills in the game, the Yuki shove one, plus he never gets frisked and has very few enforcers. (Also fun fact I learned about Hokkaido when I was making this, the regular doctor is the only disguise allowed in the patient rooms (all of them apart from Yuki's))

HITMAN 2 (2018)

Nightcall: Bodyguard: The only disguise on the map.

The Finish Line: Kronstadt Security: They can go pretty much everywhere (Not allowed in the other team's pits) Also not too many enforcers, and there are not really any other good disguises in Miami, Moses Lee maybe, but he can't go anywhere in the Kronstadt building or any of the other teams buildings, or the back area of the hospital, or the motel.

Three-Headed Serpent: Mansion Security: Even though it's called "mansion security" They act as the super disguise of Colombia and can access Rico's house, the drug fields, and Andrea's house, and a large part of the caves, plus they can have guns and have very few enforcers. So basically, they can go everywhere important with little suspicion.

Chasing a Ghost: Bollywood Guard: This one is also kind of a tie between the Queens Bodyguard, the Bollywood Guard, and the Elite Crows. One can go all over the train yard, the other all over the tower, and the other all over the slums. I think of the three, the tower is the most useful though so I gave it to the Bollywood guard.

Another Life: Spencer "The Hammer" Green: This map has Nolan's house and Janus' house, and there is no disguise that will get you into both. However, Cassidy's guards are also allowed in the empty real estate agent house so I think Cassidy's guards are better than Janus' and Spencer is basically a better version of Cassidy's guards because there are fewer enforcers.

The Ark Society: Elite guards: I think they're allowed everywhere, Jebediah Block is a close second it's just he isn't allowed in many of the staff only areas also he can't carry weapons.

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