Hitman 2

Blood In The Water

Hitman1 - Blood In The Water

Context : 47 is sent onboard the maiden voyage of a luxury cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea. The map would be set at sunset. His targets are retired Hamsun Oil executive Jack Hearst and his wife Dolly. Jack Hearst was primarily responsible for a disastrous oilspill which drove several aquatic species to extinction and was in danger of being prosecuted until Dolly ( The daughter of a New York mafia don ) used her connections to intimidate the jury into declaring him innocent. 47 is contracted by a radical animal rights group to infiltrate the ship and dispense some overdue justice .

Mission Stories

Round Your World : The famous and beautiful opera singer Annabel Hizorrzi is currently enjoying some drinks in a small bar. If 47 is able to manipulate Jack into going to this bar,he removes his wedding ring and begins to flirt with Annabel.

47 can then take the wedding ring and leave it somewhere Dolly can find it ( in the Hearst's suite or in her handbag ) . This will prompt her to look for her husband

When Dolly comes across her adulterous spouse,she steps into a backroom and calls one of her mafia connections and arranges for a mafia hitman to assassinate Jack as he disembarks the ship.

Dolly orders the hitman not to believe a word Jack says ( Ensuring the hit is still carried out after Dolly herself is eliminated )


Do You Wanna Go ? : The famous stage magician Sonny Callahan is on the ship providing entertainment and Dolly Hearst is a known fan of magic shows . Could be useful

Method A : 47 can disguise himself as Sonny and select Dolly as an audience volunteer for an escaping trick

The volunteer is placed in a box in which swords are inserted but are able to pull a lever to escape their a trapdoor. 47 can sabotage the mechanism so that Dolly is unable to escape being stabbed with the swords ( counts as Accident )

Method B : 47 leaves Sonny alone but must instead pacify these audience members who he picks as the audience volunteer over Dolly and also sabotage the mechanism.

This results in Sonny being the one to kill Dolly like the medic assassination on Sierra Knox.

Let's Go Fly A Kite : Jack Hearst has booked a parasailing session but the instructor is currently sleeping off a horrible hangover in the staff quarters

47 can knock out and impersonate the instructor

He then can find Jack and bring him to the parasailing station at the end of the ship

After Jack is hoisted into the air,47 can use a knife to cut the rope.

This results in a cutscene where Jack is flying into the sea being left behind by the hope without hope of rescue

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