Hitman 2

Bonus Mission Concept: Miami, “Fire Sale” (night time, 4th of July/Independence Day)

Hitman5 - Bonus Mission Concept: Miami, "Fire Sale" (night time, 4th of July/Independence Day)

Note: This is a rework of an earlier version of this idea.

Synopsis: The quest to destroy the remnants of Providence leads the team back to Miami to intercept and destroy an armored briefcase which houses an off-network computer containing Kronstadt's top-secret, advanced research and development, blueprints, and schematics, as well as eliminate two key players in Providence operations – Andrew Mills and William Rhodes.

Andrew Mills is a covert Providence operative that was set up as the majority shareholder of Kronstadt Industries early on as a back-up in case anything every happened to Robert Knox. Knox was unaware of Mill's affiliation with Providence, and this paid off for Providence as Mills remained associated with Kronstadt even after Knox defected. Mills began scheming a way to take down Robert Knox in order to secure the company's assets for Providence, but the partnership between the ICA and Providence rendered those plans obsolete, so Mills stayed quiet until Knox was eliminated, then followed all necessary post-mortem procedures to position himself as acting CEO.

Now in charge, Mills is selling off all of Kronstadt's assets to various interested parties across the globe. This is being used as a smoke screen to cover the hand off of a vital component – one off-network, Armored Briefcase Computer which contains all of Kronstadt's classified research and development, blueprints and schematics for its most high tech, advanced weaponry and AI systems.

The arms sale is also being used to conceal the identity of the man retrieving the case for Providence- William Rhodes, who also happens to be the acting Director of North American Operations for CICADA (which means that CICADA is under Providence's thumb). As a CICADA director "overseeing security", his presence at the sale won't be questioned by other prospective buyers and this allows for an opportunity for him to retrieve the case without drawing interest from certain unscrupulous militia leaders who may be in attendance.

Although it would seem counter-intuitive to bring notorious criminals and warlords together and try to secretly move a very sensitive piece of tech under their noses, since Providence knows that it's under assault, it was the best tactic to try and conceal the transfer of the case. Unfortunately for Providence, however, they aren't able to hide their communications from Olivia Hall.

The sale itself is also being smoke screened by the 4th of July Celebration taking place in the Bayside Area, making use of the concessions stands and other facilities set up for the Global Innovation Race. Hundreds of civilians will be top side enjoying the celebration of the USA's Independence, while an arms sale with potentially cataclysmic consequences is taking place literally beneath their feet.

Map Layout/Set Up:

*The race is not going on during this mission. The timing of this mission is set prior to the next Global Innovation Race, while the track and everything is in the process of being set up.*

Main Concourse/Grand Stands- Open access to everyone.

Pit Building- Tickets are being sold to enter the pit building where each racing team has a car on display. Velvet ropes prevent anyone from getting too close to the cars. The VIP lounge is still exclusive to VIP's.

Abandoned Hotel/Back Street- Access to the hotel, its roof, and the alley behind it are completely blocked off with road barriers. The medical station is still accessible and in use. The tunnel that passes under the track, as well as the bridge over the track are open and civilians are allowed to pass through.

Driver's lounges- Each of the 3 individual driver's lounges are completely accessible to the public (except for the area behind the bar of course).

Security Building- No change.

Main Entrance- Security is still present, doing pat-downs before entry.

Bay Side Area- People have set up blankets and beach chairs in anticipation of the fireworks display. The boat rental hut is open but instead of renting boats, they're using it to sell souvenirs and more. The dock is blocked off for fireworks technicians only- this is where they will operate the show from (there are several fireworks barges out in the water). The Bay Side Center/Aquarium/Expo Hall are all open to the public, free of charge.

Kronstadt Building- The building is locked down and inaccessible for the most part, with the exception of a small portion of the roof and pathways necessary to utilize the stair cases. Hallways will be blocked off with boxes/partitions to block access to areas unused by the mission. After climbing the scaffolding behind the parking garage, the door to the building is blocked by a large wooden crate – but you can mantle this crate and use it to climb onto the roof (where the satellite dish is). The entire roof area is accessible, but well guarded as this is where Andrew Mills spends a lot of his time.

Parking Garage- Locked off to public access and well guarded by both Kronstadt Security as well as CICADA guards. The set up will feel familiar if you've been in Marrakesh's consulate parking garage, but there will be a lot more weapons crates and stuff sitting around, prepared to be loaded into discreet vehicles such as postal delivery trucks, ambulances and more. This is an ongoing illegal arms trade deal so expect the targets to meet here eventually and inspect some of the goods.

Did I miss anything?

Objective Details:

  1. Eliminate Andrew Mills: Mills is spending much of his time upon the roof of the Kronstadt building, fielding phone calls for prospective buyers of the many pieces of hardware and tech being sold in the parking garage. He is vehemently opposed to meeting the buyers in person, likely due to his clinically diagnosed anxiety and paranoia, but it's likely that given the right offer, he may wish to oversee the deal first hand. This is evidenced by the fact that he does plan to meet with William Rhodes at some point to discuss the details of their deal, and personally hand over the Briefcase Computer. Mills is flanked both by his personal assistant (non-combatant) and his personal body guard.
  2. Eliminate William Rhodes: Rhodes has several contacts to meet up with during his stay in Miami, so he will be making his way around the concourse at some point. He will also be browsing the goods on display in the parking garage, although his primary objective is to retrieve the Briefcase from Mills and return it to Providence. Rhodes is the only person they trust for this task. He will be tailed by a CICADA guard.
  3. Destroy the Briefcase Computer: The Briefcase is made of a material that can stop armor-piercing rounds, protect it from explosives, and shield it from EMP's. Curiously, it has not been tested for water-tightness. The Briefcase will be closely guarded, in a safe in the office on the roof of the Kronstadt Building until it's time for the hand-off. The case has a USB cable plugged into it from a nearby computer terminal to keep the battery charged as well as to program the fingerprint lock, if needed. Mill's assistant will carry the case to the meeting point, where the case will be handed off to Rhodes and he will then be escorted by four high-level CICADA guards to his armored Limousine parked outside the front gate.

About the Case:

  1. It is locked by a fingerprint scanner. To unlock it, you can use a disposable scrambler/electronic key hacker (one can be found on the map), access the computer to delete the fingerprint programming data so that any fingerprint (or lack-thereof) will unlock it, or wait for someone else to unlock it.
  2. The housing is bullet-proof, including armor-piercing rounds. It's also explosive-proof from the outside, EMP proof, and impact-proof. It is not waterproof, however, for some odd reason. Other than throwing it into water, the only way to destroy it is to unlock it and place an explosive or EMP inside.
  3. There are multiple "mission stories" that will include the destruction of the case, including a quick method for repeat play-throughs.

Mission Stories:

  1. Rocket's Red Glare- Posing as a Kronstadt Engineer, 47 can "enthusiastically" show off one of the "more impressive" pieces of missile engine technology on hand to Rhodes. While Rhodes is inspecting the rear of the engine, you can trigger it, blasting him in the face with firey rocket-exhaust, killing him.
  2. Bombs Bursting In Air- If Mills gets the sense that something is wrong, he will flee in the Helicopter. 47 can use this opportunity to launch the fireworks display early, knocking the helicopter out of the sky and into the bay, killing Mills and, assuming he had it with him, the Briefcase Computer as well. This is the quick method for destroying the case- as long as you cause a panic before the Case is handed off, Mills will try to escape with it.
  3. Trojan Briefcase- Once Rhodes contacts Mills and initiates the meeting, Mills will send his Assistant to retrieve the case from the safe in the office on the roof. 47, posing as Kronstadt Security, can intercept the Assistant and question him about carrying around an unauthorized container, feigning ignorance. Conceding to 47's imposing stature, the Assistant will unlock the case and allow 47 to look inside (same animation as when security inspects your briefcase). If 47 is carrying around a micro remote explosive (brought into the mission or taken from the arms sale in the parking garage), he can discreetly insert it into the case during the inspection, and then send the Assistant on his way with it. During the hand-off, Mills will request some space from his Assistant and the Guards (in order to whisper the Providence code words). Detonate the bomb at this time to kill both targets and destroy the case all at once.
  4. Lockout- 47 can access the computer connected to the briefcase while it's in the safe, and over-write the finger print data in two ways – one, he can erase the security protocol entirely so that ANY touch of a finger will unlock the case, or two, he can erase the stored finger print data so that NOBODY can open the case. If 47 chooses option #2 and then triggers the meeting, it will cause Rhodes to angrily follow Mills back up to the office to figure out the problem. The two will argue and dismiss the guards/assistant, leaving them alone in the room. Allowing this argument to progress will cause Rhodes to go onto the roof area near the satellite dish to smoke, while Mills calls his assistant in to help with the computer.
  5. The New Army MKII- Six Androids are on display in the Parking Garage, remotely connected to a single computer terminal which is kept in the Parking Garage's security room. 47 can trigger the meeting early by posing as a buyer and speaking to the "receptionist" of the sale, who facilitates phone calls between buyers and Mills. After speaking to Mills and telling him you're interested in a special case you'd heard about, Mills will demand to speak to the "receptionist". Mills tells him to take 47 into the security room and detain him until further notice, and then calls Rhodes to meet up for the hand off in order to get the briefcase out of the area. Mills and Rhodes will meet in the parking garage. 47 will surely have subdued the "receptionist" by this point and accessed the computer in the security room. The system has been upgraded from the previous version and now requires a live facial recognition lock instead of scanning a photo. 47 will disable the safety and select Mills and Rhode's faces as the target lock, and then "deploy", which will cause all six androids to open fire on both of your targets. After the smoke clears, the Assistant will attempt to secure the briefcase. Apprehend him and take it, then destroy it.

Unlock-able Weapons/Items:

  1. The Bigger One- Powerful for a store-bought firework, but not particularly lethal. Can be used as a distraction or to set off larger explosives. Will cause a concussive effect on nearby persons.
  2. Jaeger 7 Piercer- Unsilenced .50 cal version of the Jaeger 7 sniper rifle. Fires rounds capable of piercing a single wall to hit a target behind.
  3. ICA Sedative Phone "Goodnight Call"- Releases a fast-acting gaseous sleeping agent when a call is answered, rendering the user nearly instantly unconscious.
  4. Bull Magnum- .44 six-shot revolver, packs a devastating punch, capable of penetrating some walls and objects and hitting whatever is on the other side.


  1. Default Suit: Miami Nightlife Suit- White pants and jacket, teal floral patterned button-up undershirt.
  2. ET Reward Suit: Miami Nightlife Suit w/Gloves
  3. Challenge Reward Suit: The Patriot- Basically the same as the Cowboy Suit, but with a star-spangled hat and jacket, and white pants and boots.


  1. CICADA Guard (Allowed in public areas and parking garage)
  2. Kronstadt Security (Allowed in Kronstadt building, public areas and parking garage)
  3. Kronstadt Engineer (Allowed in Kronstadt building and public areas only)
  4. Event Security (General Security around public areas)
  5. Weapons Buyer (Allowed in the Parking Garage after pat-down)
  6. Pyro-Tech (allowed in public areas and on the dock with the fireworks controls)
  7. Fireworks Vendor (allowed in public areas and staff areas)
  8. Food Vendor (allowed in public areas and staff areas)
  9. The Patriot/Amos Dexter (a star-spangled-cowboy-outfit-wearing individual allowed in the VIP driver's lounge, pit building, and public areas)
  10. Medic (allowed in staff areas, public areas, medical station, VIP area, etc. Clean version of the outfits in the normal Miami mission)
  11. Event Crew (all crew, public, VIP areas
  12. Waiter (same as above)
  13. Kitchen Staff (same as above)
  14. Florida Man (allowed in public areas, found wandering various locations on the map)
  15. Street Musician (allowed in public areas, found on the main concourse entertaining people)
  16. Pale Rider (disguise found in Pit Locker Room, not allowed anywhere)

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